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Doug Dennis Ministry

September Newsletter 2022 


Greetings from Colombia! God is moving in the last days like He said He would!


Here in Colombia, it's hot. I remember before going to Venezuela in the year 2000, I read in the encyclopedia (that was before googling was a thing😊) that Maracaibo, Venezuela had the hottest year-round average temperature of all Latin America. That might be true, but here, in the north-western part of Colombia, it seems hotter because it's a lot more humid with all the lakes and rivers. Plus, almost no one has air-conditioning here. 


Anyways, preaching at the church, at cell meetings and at the radio station, has been a blessing. Because of the internet, even when I preach live here at my radio station in Colombia, it is broadcasted to the other 5 stations in Venezuela. The only thing I can’t do is my cell meetings. I have 3 cell meetings a week. My cell meetings are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On an average week, I minister between 9 to 10 times- Sunday to Friday on the radio (when I preach at the churches, they also put me live on the radio) and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the cell meetings. Sometimes on Sundays, not only do I preach at my churches, but also at my father-in-law’s church. So, I’m busy. My kids say, “You're going to preach again?”😂  Plus every month I have my Indian Bible School, where I go live with the Indians.

Two months ago, I bought 2 new transmitters and this past month I bought 1 more. We put one of the new transmitters at the radio station in "La Concepción" Venezuela. Now it reaches 20xs farther! Next month with another one of the new transmitters, I will start up my 7th radio station, Lord willing. This will be my second station in Maracaibo since Maracaibo is so big. This radio station should reach all of Maracaibo and the surrounding cities. It should reach over 2 million people!

People have asked about the hours of the radio stations and were surprised that they are 24 hours a day. All the FM stations are on 24 hours a day (unless there is no electricity). And they ARE mine; it's NOT a slot of time at a radio station. The reason I mention this is because so many people have asked me. 


Here is an update on the Kiripomsa tribe area. As I said in my last newsletter, I believe it is important to have another sending base at the faraway tribes so we can evangelize and disciple Indians to become leaders and then send them out to evangelize and disciple at other far away tribes. We want to raise up leaders so they can preach not only in their tribe but can travel to other tribes to preach. I found a dedicated leader, whose name is Fredi, who I will pay to preach at all 4 area tribes every day. The 4 tribes in the nearby area that he will preach at are the Kiripomsa, Shiraikuna, Paraya, and Kunana tribes. So almost every day, he will visit a different tribe in the area and preach the Word to them. I believe that through Fredi, who has worked for me for many years, we will be able to achieve wonderful things. Thank you for your prayers concerning this, and I will keep you updated. 


We are expanding the gospel in other areas also. We are now preaching at a place in Venezuela called Catatumbo. It is the place that has the most lightning in the world. Every night, the sky constantly lights up with lighting. It’s in the Guinness World Records. An Indian, named Yoselvis, is working for me in this area. Besides preaching to those who live in this area, we minister by giving away Bibles, books, medicine and food. We are planning in the future, Lord willing, to put a radio station here. I will be sure to buy a lightning rod for this station! 


Now that we have the New Testament and Proverbs translated into the Indian language, I decided that we should translate the Old Testament, beginning with Genesis until the whole Old Testament is finished. Venancio, my main Indian leader, has started, and I told him, if he can do from 8-10 chapters a month that would be great! Of course, I will pay him extra every month for that job.


Venancio and some of my other leaders are currently using the chainsaw to rebuild the church temple at the Taremo tribe. We constructed it 20 years ago and it needs new wood. The metal roofing is fine though. While Venancio is away, his wife, Rosalba, takes care of the Indian radio station. She puts me on when I go live. 


We had another successful women’s retreat in Machiques, Venezuela. During this powerful retreat, women’s lives were touched and transformed!



Many testimonies of heaven and hell are similar to Kenneth Hagin’s first vision in September 1950. That is the vision where Jesus took Pastor Hagin to heaven and hell. This is what the Bible says in Acts 2: 18-19 NKJV: “And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; And they shall prophesy. I will show wonders in heaven above (Heaven) And signs in the earth beneath: Blood and fire and vapor of smoke.” (Hell) 

     This is the testimony of an Indian woman named Ramona Ponokashi. She is from the Tokuko tribe. That is close to where we have our Indian radio station in the mountains. She testified of a dream she had where an angel showed her both heaven and hell. The dream changed her life, and because of the dream, she got saved. She had heard the Word being preached, but after the dream she received Christ in her heart.

      The one who showed her heaven and hell was an angel of the Lord. Romona said, "The angel said to me, ‘Come and see these two places.’  I looked and the first place was heaven. I was shown a huge city. We were in the air above this huge city in heaven. The city was so big, with so many inhabitants that even though we were looking down, from above, I couldn't see where the city ended. 

      I asked, ‘Why can't we go and stay in the city?’ The angel replied, ‘Because you have not physically died yet, those (the human inhabitants in heaven) have already left their physical bodies.’   We saw just a few places in heaven where the angel allowed me to see. They were beyond description. They were more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. 

      After that, the angel said, ‘Don't be afraid, I will be with you, but I must show you a terrible place, a place where there is no hope.’ We then traveled down into hell.  There, in hell, I also saw many people. The angel then explained to me, ‘These are those who had left their physical bodies (on earth, who died) and came to this place.’ They were engulfed in flames, suffering an indescribable eternal condemnation.

      Romana said, ‘I had never thought that heaven and hell existed. I had no clue or understanding about them, and lived my life on earth as if all we had was the earth. Now I know, heaven and hell are real.’"

      After the dream, she sought out an Indian leader pastor who explained to her how she could be saved.  Now she attends church service and prays daily.


Well thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.


                                                                                          In His Service,

                                                                                          Doug, Veronica, James &

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