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Greetings! This past month of August went well like all months. I sent the Indian teams to different tribes in the mountains of Venezuela to preach. At the end of the newsletter I have a testimony from the mountain tribes that I wanted to share with you. The churches in the town are going well. I am remotely preaching to them, through the videos and through the radio station.  

         This month we moved the radio station.  The radio station was at the main church in Machiques, Venezuela. The owner needed the building back. We had rented the building and had been there for 1 year and three months. But it worked out because we couldn’t have our church services there anyways due to the restrictions from the quarantine. At least we don’t have to keep paying rent. The only problem was we had the radio station there. We moved the radio station to the house of a pastor who has been working with me and who I have paid for the past decade. He has the perfect place- an extra room in his house. We put the antenna up and started transmitting and the signal has even improved. I can’t wait until the quarantine is up because then I will be able to put up another radio station, Lord willing, in the city where I have my house, the second biggest city in Venezuela -  Maracaibo. For now though, not only are people restricted to their houses, there is no gasoline in the country. If it’s on the black market, which is still hard to find, it costs around $12-$15 dollars a gallon, which no one can afford. The whole country has been paralyzed due to no gasoline. Therefore, I bought 3 people bicycles (1 person who works at the radio station, and 2 pastors) so that they could keep the ministry going. They were grateful being that there is no transportation, and the sun is hot to be walking all day in Venezuela. 

          For now, we have been looking for a church building, probably a house that we can convert to the church temple like the last church building (house) I bought. We will take out all the walls except for the bathroom and keep a room for the radio station. We have been looking for places near the center of town, though they are a little more expensive than places in the neighborhoods. The center is important for the main church because of its easy access for most people. We don’t want to rent; we would like to buy. For now, with the restrictions, the congregants all divide up and meet at houses to watch the online preaching or listen to the radio station for the church services. They are simultaneous.  

           I am sending the Indian teams to preach at the mountain Indian tribes in less than a week. They are leaving for their trip on Friday September 4th. Now that it’s September they will have to be back within a few weeks since it rains so much in October. In October I will not be able to send the groups because it’s dangerous. The river swells too much and once at the tribes there is no way to get back. On the way to the mountain tribes, Venancio will be taking a tarp to Felipe’s huts. They made a temple and asked for a tarp for the roof so we got him one.

         The house that I bought for the other church building has been renovated. In other words, they tore down the walls to make the main sanctuary. It’s not quite ready yet but almost.  


         Last month when the Indian teams preached at the isolated huts high in the mountain, where Felipe lives, there were 2 testimonies. Last month I shared one, and this month I will share a testimony that Tuavura told Venancio. The few people who live there haven’t been in contact with anyone for a long time. It seems like, even though they are so isolated, God still deals with them through dreams with events that are happening. It reminds me of the situation with the Apostle John. He was isolated on the Island of Patmos and the Lord revealed to him what was going on in the seven churches.  

         Here is Tuayura’s testimony:  Just before my team of Indian preachers arrived at the far isolated huts in the mountains, Tuayura heard an auditable voice that said, “I am the God who is sending messengers to you in the coming days. Listen to what they tell you, because the last day’s prophecies are happening now on the earth.  Tuayura said that as he listened it was like he was in a different place, as if he was caught up to heaven. There was a bright white cloud and from the cloud the voice of God spoke. Tuayura  asked, “What is happening, or is going to happen?”  The word of the Lord said to him, “Very soon will the second coming of Jesus occur. But before He comes back, the prophecies must happen, and are happening. There is lawlessness, death, the world hates Me, there are wars, hunger, famine, sicknesses and diseases. Homosexuality is rampant, and there are many abominations. Those things are happening now, and soon the end will come. Testify to everyone you meet with what I said.” 

         Tuayura told Venancio, “Please tell this testimony to the others.” Knowing that he lives off by himself, isolated from the world, he wanted Venancio to tell others what God told him since he knew Venancio travels to many tribes preaching.  

         Well, thank you so much for all your prayers and support. It makes our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.


                                                                                       In His Service,

                                                                                       Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana

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