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September 2018


Doug Dennis Ministries  

September 2018

Dear friend,


Greetings from Venezuela! We had a great time while we were in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month. We saw many friends, but were excited to get back to Venezuela. James is starting 1st grade here in Venezuela in a few days. I am looking forward with getting together with the Indian leaders at my Bible school soon. The starting date for the Bible school is September 13th.



Last month while in Tulsa I sent one of my workers money so that he could buy another pack mule to help out on the evangelizing/discipling trips.  After my Bible school each month, I send out groups of my Indian leaders to evangelize and disciple Indian tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. My leaders take mules to carry supplies and food for their 3 week trip into the mountains. Despite our best care, some mules have gotten old and can’t do the trips anymore, and a couple have been eaten by jaguars, so we were in need of another mule especially for the team that goes out with the video projector and generator every month.  Also, while in the United States I bought two big boxes of food and supplies and put it on a cargo boat to ship back home.   Food and about anything you want are difficult to find in Venezuela so these boxes should keep us for a while.  

I’m making new videos for the mountain tribes in Venezuela. I record them at my house and then we pack them on the mules to be sent up to the far away tribes. The video projector and generator have really had a lot of fruit. The Indians at the far away tribes really enjoy watching my preaching videos and movies. It’s a way to attract believers and non-believers alike. Many have believed the gospel due to the videos and movies and many have had their faith strengthened.


I wanted to share a testimony about an Indian non-believer named Tallo who lives in the mountains with his family near a tribe called Shiapta. Tallo was healed and after being healed accepted Christ in his heart. Here’s his story. One day Tallo became sick and he said strong fevers came upon him. He thought that it would pass but it didn’t. After getting the fever, he lost his appetite and didn’t eat for 4 days. Tallo said that he was very weak. While Tallo was in his hut with a fever he saw a vision of the Indian pastor named Benito (Benito always attends my monthly Bible School.) Benito preaches at the tribe nearest to where Tallo lives. (Tallo and his family don’t live in the tribe. They have their hut and land a ways from the Shirapta tribe.) To get to the Shirapta tribe was far, especially for him since he was sick and weak from not eating. Tallo said that he remembered that one of the Indian leaders of the Shirapta church, named Victor, lived near him. He decided that because he was so weak he wouldn’t be able to travel to where Benito was and decided to go to Victor’s hut.  When Tallo arrived at Victor’s hut he asked Victor to pray for him. As soon as Victor finished praying Tallo said that he felt as if someone touched his stomach.  He said that all of a sudden he got hungry. It was over 4 days since he ate. Tallo didn’t have any food but while at Victor’s hut, Tallo saw a relative of his wife who had just made a drink made of ground corn and milk. (I’m guessing they have a goat which would produce the milk). After Tallo finished the drink he recovered his strength. Tallo said that he thought he could have died he was so sick. Because he was healed, he received Jesus in his heart, along with his wife and brother-in-law. He has become a member and faithfully now goes to the church where Benito preaches every evening.


I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. Your support pays the wages, food, and supplies for the Indian leaders that I send out each month for a 3 week trip to evangelize and preach to the Indian tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. I send out usually 12 leaders each month.  The money you give helps us to construct church buildings for the mountain Indian tribes.  We also do water projects so that the tribes have clean water.  They are so thankful for this.  They have less disease and sickness now.  We also buy food and a cow to make ground beef every month for my Bible school. I usually have anywhere from 50-70 leaders that come down from their mountain tribes to the school. We house and feed them during the 5 day stay.  We have class from morning to evening. Then at the end of the time, I send some of them out to evangelize and minister to other mountain tribes. The rest of the leaders go back to their mountain tribe and teach their own people what they learned. Also, especially with the economic situation in Venezuela, we have been helping feed the poor more than ever.  We have church services and evangelistic meetings and then feed them after the services.  I have also been helping pastors financially because with the economy situation here, their congregations have not been able to give much.  The average monthly income is $1.


Just to let everyone know, there are 4 ways that you can give to the ministry. You can give through PayPal at  If you want a tax deduction, you can send a check to Rhema Bible Church Missions with my name on the memo line of your check.  You can send money to Doug Dennis Ministries in care of 3022 Pinehills Dr. S.W. Massillon Ohio 44646. Lastly you can send online through Zelle to  (the same email address you use to give through PayPal.)  Zelle is just an easy way to give through any bank without having any money deducted once I receive it.


Well, thank you again for all of your prayers and support.  God bless you.


                                                                                               In His service,

                                                                                               Doug, Veronica, James, and little Ana

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