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October 2022 Newsletter

Doug Dennis Ministries





Doug Dennis Ministries

October 2022 Newsletter

Greetings! This past month of September, when I was in Colombia, everything went really well! I was able to preach a lot. I am looking forward to going back this month of October. I preach multiple times a day through the radio, and then, in the evening I preach at the church, or cell meetings. Preaching on the radio during the daytime makes the days go by faster, and brings more balance and fulfillment. People tell me that they enjoy tuning into the radio station and listening to the daily preachings. So now I don’t have to wait until evening to preach – I can preach throughout the day!

I bought some land right in front of the radio station a few months ago. We started the construction of the church building this past month. Once finished I will send photos. We will make it big enough to fit around 120 people. After the church is built, we will move the radio station to a small building next to the church. We will build a concrete flat roof to put the radio tv tower and antenna on top of it.

Currently we are meeting outside of the place where we are constructing the church building. The old place where we were meeting for church on Sundays was a community building. Some of the community said that we couldn’t use it as often as we liked so that was when we realized we needed our own place. Also, another problem is that there are some bars in the area and they turn up the volume loud on Sunday mornings. Therefore, our new place will be perfect. It is in a quiet area.

We tested how far the FM radio station broadcasted while traveling to the city of Cartagena. We had the taxi driver put on the station and it could be heard for a long time. It was over a 30-minute drive (and the taxi driver was driving fast!) before we started to hear static. So, it reaches all the towns in the area. When we move the radio station, we will place the antenna higher which will give it even more range.

There was a testimony that happened while I was in Colombia that I would like to share with you:

After I preached at the night service, Isabel, the sister of the pastor’s wife, Neivis, had a dream that played out the same as to what happened the next day.

Isabel was not a Christian at the time of the dream, and was visiting her family in Colombia. (She lives in Caracas, Venezuela and has worked as a teacher for the last 30 years.) The teachers were given vacations and she decided to visit her family in Colombia. While there, she attended the service where I preached.

So the night that I preached, she had a dream and she woke up crying. She was staying with her family and she told them the dream in the morning. She later told her sister, Neivis, in the afternoon while I was preaching on the radio. After I preached on the radio, Neivis came and got me so that Isabel could tell me the dream.

Here was her dream…

In Isabel's dream there was an angel dressed in a white robe, and Jesus was wearing a crown. Jesus was too bright to be able to look at, but she said she saw the silhouette and the crown and she believed it to be Jesus. She said she could look at the angel and it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. She said that she had great peace when they appeared to her.

The angel said, "Doug Dennis has told me to get you for you to be saved." The angel took her to a place in heaven. She was in heaven, but because she had not accepted Christ as her Savior yet, she said she felt out of place. In the dream, I was looking for her, to get her to receive Christ and she hid. In the dream she was reluctant to receive Christ. The people in heaven told her to accept Christ, then when I found her, she woke up.

She then told me the dream and asked what I thought it meant…

I told her, "It means that you need salvation, and that God will give it to you if you want it. Then, like in her dream, (when the people in heaven told her to receive salvation) her family that was around her told her to accept Christ in her heart. Her father who is probably 80 years old, and had just accepted Christ 2 years prior was the first to encourage her). She was

reluctant at first (like in the dream), then realized that if all of this happened- if Jesus appeared to her for her to be saved- that she should receive Christ.

Along with her, I prayed with 5 other family members (they were there listening to the dream when she was telling me). After accepting Christ, she was relieved that she did it. She cried tears of joy and is now following Jesus Christ.

Well thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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