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Doug Dennis Ministries

 October 2021 Newsletter


Dear friend,

I’m writing the newsletter early because my wife and I are leaving today for Colombia to preach the gospel. I will be preaching at my church, at the cell meetings, and at the special meetings that we’ve planned. My wife is going to have a retreat for the Colombian women. My mom designed a program for women’s retreats and wrote a book titled Dancing in Fields of Grace – A Journey of Love and Transformation. With the book the women can be further discipled and they can continue their Journey of Transformation after the retreat. Veronica translated it into Spanish, and I printed and bound the book. It’ a 224-page guided journal, filled with Scripture, my mom’s paintings, stories and writings to redesign your life to grow closer to God and become your best self. The teachings from the book will be used in the retreat and, at the end, each woman will be given the book to continue their Journey of Transformation. 


I had the Bible school with the Indian leaders last month. After the Bible school I sent out 5 groups to preach at the tribes in Venezuela. The 5 Indian teams came back from the tribes and shared many testimonies about what God is doing in the faraway places in Venezuela. It’s amazing the hunger that many have to hear the Word of God. This time, because it’s the rainy season, they only went to the tribes in Venezuela, as going to the tribes in the mountains of Colombia would have been very dangerous. During the rainy season, the river’s current becomes so swift and powerful that they are dangerous to cross. Sometimes we had to cross the river 70 times to get to the high mountain tribes.


So now, as I said in the last newsletter I have one more radio station. It’s at the Marewa Indian tribe. Venancio is over it, and he has told me that many Indians listen to it and have congratulated him on the preachings that they do. I enclosed a picture of some of the Indian preachers, getting ready for their turn to preach on the radio. Even if Venancio isn’t at the radio station (or any one of the 4 people I have over the radio station), my one worker can access their computer and put me on, or any preaching or songs that they want.


Every day I preach at least once a day and a couple of days I preach 2 times a day. I love being able to preach. I also have added prayer to my radio messages. Many times after I preach, I will have a prayer session with the people tuned into one of the four stations (91.9, 94.9, 98.9, or 90.5). I feel it’s important as the body of Christ that we can corporally pray together. Individual prayer meets individual needs; corporal prayer meets corporal needs. Usually, I preach 8 times a week, but the monthly average is more than 8 times a week because 3 days a month I also have the Indian Bible School and there I preach a lot.


I will be giving out radios at my next Indian Bible School. They will be able to use the radios at the far away tribes to tune into my radio station 94.9 every day where almost everything is in their Yukpa language. There never has been a radio station that broadcasted in their language. They don’t have electricity at the far away tribes but these radios work by solar and by turning the crank. I’m looking forward to this way to communicate.


There is a testimony I would like to share with you. This testimony is about an Indian woman from the Sarepta tribe. Her name is Marlene. Marlene said that she had malaria and she hadn’t eaten anything for 5 days. The Indians took her to a town to get medical help. While taking her to town she had a dream. She said that there was a very tall man, with white clothes. He said, “Look at what I will show you.” Suddenly it looked like there was a big screen.  On the screen I saw myself, my children, and my husband. I saw what would happen to us in the future if we didn’t change our lives. In the vision I saw us in hell.” The angel said, “You stopped praising, stopped preaching, stopped taking the Word to different tribe. This will be your last chance to get right with God. If you don’t start back preaching, going to the church, you won’t make heaven.” Marlene and her husband used to preach but then they turned away from God.  As soon as my Indian leaders arrived at her tribe, she told them her testimony.  Marlene went on to say that she got right with God and she is now serving Him faithfully.


Well, thank you so very much for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                         In His Service,


                                                  Doug, Veronica, James & Ana  

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