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Doug Dennis Ministries

October 2020 Newsletter


                      Greetings! I pray that all is well. This past month I was able to preach many times at the churches and through the radio stations.

        I have great news! I was able to start a new radio station outside of Maracaibo, Venezuela. I was waiting for the quarantine to be up before going ahead but since there is no end in sight in Venezuela, I decided to just go for it. There were difficulties to get around to get what was needed for the station, being that the country doesn’t have gasoline (they sell smuggled Colombia gasoline on the black-market to the Venezuelan states that are along the Venezuelan/Colombian border. It’s very expensive.) But thank the Lord, we got it up and running.

      The city where I put the station is called “La Concepcion.” Because of all the present difficulties in Venezuela there is only one secular radio station in the whole city, and we will be the only Christian radio station! For the most part, in Venezuela, once a radio station stops working, most owners can’t afford the parts or perform the necessary maintenance required. One big problem for radio stations in Venezuela is the electricity. They ration it every day, and now they ration it a couple times a day. Therefore, it tends to surge when they turn it back on and if the station doesn’t have a surge protector it can damage parts. Most, once off the air, don’t return.

       This new radio station, 93.5 FM, has the same preaching and music format as my other station, 90.5 FM. I will preach live on both stations.   I preach between 8-10 times a week on the stations. Now I can extend the gospel on the airwaves to many new areas. We are believing for many new believers, and want to encourage the believers in the area with preaching and music. We installed the radio station at the house of a pastor friend of mine, named Endri Fernandez. We have worked together for many years and he is a good friend.

       Like I said in the last couple of newsletters, radio is so important in Venezuela because the average person can’t navigate much on the internet because all cell phone plans give you a limit. A video isn’t accessible to the average person, but radio is.

       We were able to add another 5 meters to the antenna in Machiques radio station 90.5 FM so now it can reach farther to more Indian tribes. Also, I will have a new transmitter for the radio station in Machiques in about a week. With this transmitter we will be able to transmit all the way to the far away mountain tribes.

        I am going to buy some solar radios for the faraway mountain Indian tribes. That way I can preach live to them every week through the radio station. We will set a certain day where I will preach, and other days I will have Venancio, my main Indian leader, preach in the Yukpa language.

          In the picture below Venancio (checkered shirt) is preaching in his Yukpa Indian dialect through the radio 90.5 FM.




The testimony this month concerns Venancio’s dad. Venancio has worked with me for probably 18 or 19 years. When he was a teenager, he wanted to go with me to minister to the mountain Indian tribes. I realized on the first trip that he went with me on that he was very capable and intelligent. It was basically Venancio who translated the New Testament of the Bible into the Juppa language (It was never done before) so that I could print it and give it to the Indians in the mountain tribes. Well this past month I sent him and other of my Indian leaders to the mountain tribes to preach. I bought them new boots and their food. Before leaving for the trip Venancio visited his father and was able to pray the prayer of faith with him. Then they left for the trip. But since the river was too rapid and high, and they couldn’t get far, they came back. (In order to get to the faraway mountain Indian tribes, they have to cross the river 70 times.) Venancio went back to his father’s house and was able to be there the last few days he was alive. He shared this testimony about him. He also recorded the video where his father said the prayer of salvation with him. The video is on the orange QR code if you want to watch the video on your phone. (I included QR codes in the newsletter. All the QR codes are easy to use. Just point the smartphone camera at it, without taking a picture. A link will pop up and just click on the link). I also have the video where the teams were trying to go up river when the water was dangerous- that’s the purple QR code. (After coming back, they waited a few days for the river to go back down and then they were able to do the trip to the faraway mountain tribes.)


          Here is Venancio’s father’s testimony: A week before he died, he got up out of bed and told his wife that two angels came to the door of his room to take him to heaven. He said they were dressed in white, had golden hair, and wanted to take him on the straight and narrow way to heaven. His wife said, “Nobody came here looking for you.” Then a few days later he told his wife again, pointing to the door, “They’re here again and telling me to go with them.”  She didn’t understand and said that no one was there.

          The next day Venancio was at his father’s house. In the morning his father got out of bed and he was talking so loudly that Venancio went over to where he was. He told Venancio’s mom that the angels were here again and they want me to go with them; they want me to go on the bright pathway. He said the light around the angels was bright. Then Venancio told his mom, “I think he is seeing in the spirit world. I think he is seeing angels and they want to take him to heaven.” Within a few days, he flew on to glory.

           Well thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.


In His Service,                       

                                                                                    Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana

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