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Doug Dennis Ministries


November 2022 Newsletter

Greetings! This month of November I am looking forward to going to Colombia. Thanks for your prayers for this upcoming trip. Our ministries in Venezuela and in Colombia are going very well. The radio stations are working great. We do though have to do maintenance on the stations mainly due to the poor electric grid. It sometimes affects the radio equipment, but thank God there are people that work with me who are able to fix and do the maintenance.

Today (October 31st) we are starting to make my 7th FM radio station (We will have 6 in Venezuela and 1 in Colombia.) This station is located in the state of Barinas, and in the capitol city of that state which is called Barinas also. It should be ready within a week or less. The stations are named “Vida,” which in Spanish means “life.”


The truck that I bought for the church in Colombia is finally fixed and is working well. This was our transportation truck and it was out of commission for a long time. This is a truck that we use to pick the people up for church and was needed to do other work such as with building the church temple. The mechanic that was working on it didn't know how to fix it and took forever. Then we took it to another mechanic and he finally fixed it. So this is a great help to the ministry.


We are currently in the process of finishing up the Colombian church building. I will show pictures once it is finished. The people who are making the Colombian church are using palm leaves for the roof. The church building is taking longer due to the fact that because of the rain it was nearly impossible to harvest the palm leaves in the mountains. They take the palm leaves down using either mules, or donkeys.


The reason for the palm leaf church is that it is a lot cooler, and it looks great! The heat is a big deal here! The cooler the better. It's great to be able to have our own place as a church. Air conditioning isn't really an option right now because of the high cost of electricity, but really, it's not necessary because we have services at night during the weekdays and on Sunday in the mornings. Because we don’t have service in the afternoons it doesn’t matter.


I am happy to announce that we have started building yet another "Vida Abundante" (“Abundant Life”) church, in Maracaibo. The radio stations that I own are called “Vida” (“life”) and our two churches in Venezuela, and our one church in Colombia are called “Vida Abundante” This “Vida Abundante” will be my 3rd church in Venezuela, and my first church in the city of Maracaibo. The Indians have been helping to make the church building in Maracaibo. We will start preaching there in about a week.


In other news, I have been paying Venancio, my main Indian leader, to translate the Old Testament into the language of the mountain Indians. He has already translated the New Testament, and Proverbs which has been a blessing. (I put the translation together and print the Bibles.) Many Indians carry around their Bible as a treasure. Now I decided that, even though it will take a long time, it would be good to start translating the Old Testament. Venancio has started Genesis and he is around chapter 20. Once Genesis is translated, I will print it out and give it to the Indians. As soon as each book is translated, I will print them out and distribute them. Later I will print the whole Bible once the translation is finished.


We had two of our women’s retreats, “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation,” in Venezuela this month. It was a powerful time for the women and before they left, we gave them each a tote bag with the Bible and additional materials to continue their journey to grow closer to God.


I want to share a testimony from a woman named Ofelia Marin from the far away mountain tribe of Shatrey. Her husband Edixson, who is the pastor at Shatrey, told me the testimony of his wife who was dying from an illness.


Here is her testimony: Ofelia said,”I saw two angels of God who appeared to me in a vision while I was dying. They came down from heaven and came to where I was and I only saw them because I was between life and death. The angel told me, ‘Woman, you have to be strong; you are not going to die now. Fear not, don’t be scared.’ The angel said a few words and told me to listen.


I saw myself in the vision and I looked fine, not sick. The two angels that came down from heaven looked the same because they had the same clothes but the difference was that one had a trumpet and the other had a sword. The one with the sword spoke to me first and told me: ‘Woman, don't be afraid, at this moment you will be fine because I am the warrior angel and we battle day after day for a life, mainly for the children of God. So at this moment we are by your

side and that is why we came here.’ Then the other angel approached me and told me, ‘Woman listen to these words that I am going to tell you, pay attention to the word. Today it is being fulfilled. Very soon the trumpet will sound. We are warning you about it so that you know- and you will be ready. At that moment I felt healed.


A cloud then appeared-it was very, very white -and I saw that the angels were going to return to heaven and I saw them go through the clouds.”

Ofelia told her husband and she told the church of her vision and how, after the vision, she was healed of her sickness.

Well thank you very much for your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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