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Greetings! Last month while in Colombia in the month of September and October, everything went well. I am looking forward going back again this month of November.   

Last month many people were filled with the Holy Spirit at the services in Colombia. 

At one of the Sunday mornings services my wife and I were at the service waiting for Pastor William to finish picking up the people. He was taking a very long time. He arrived just before the service was to start, with the window of the truck and the side view mirror broken. The first thing he said was, “It was the cows fault.” He explained that there was high brush next to the road, and out of nowhere a cow went into the road. The owner was scared because the law states that you are not allowed to have cattle roam near the roads. After church the man went to William’s house asking for forgiveness and told William that he would sell a cow to cover the costs of the window and mirror. I told him not to worry about it and that I would pay for it. The man accepted Christ into his heart and is now attending church service every Sunday.   

I sent the Indian teams out during the middle of September and they came back right before October. They had many testimonies. Because October is the rainiest month in this part of Venezuela, I won’t be sending the Indian teams back out until the middle of November. The dangers of the rivers are too great. 

Next week I will be having my Bible School- it is always a blessing to do so. I wanted to wait until November being that the rivers are at their highest and most dangerous during the month of October. 

I am starting another radio station in the city of Punto Fijó, Venezuela. This will be the 5th radio station that I have! Praise God! I already bought almost everything, and I plan to have it up and running in December. I have 4 radio stations in western Venezuela and this station is more toward north central Venezuela.   

I bought solar radios and I was able to give them to 15 different tribes. I just finished placing another order for 20 more. These radios are solar also but are louder than the others that I bought before. This way more people will be able to hear as the different tribes tune in each day to my preachings and also the preachings in the indigenous language that are being broadcasted live throughout the mountains in Colombia and Venezuela.

This past month we finally got the new transmitter and installed it at the Indian tribe with the radio station. The last one was 50 watts and because the Indian tribe is somewhat high it was able to be heard 25 kilometres from there. The new one is 1000 watts so it will encompass all the Indian tribes in Venezuela and Colombia!

I preach every day on all four of my radio stations, and also at the churches. It’s the best way to get the Word to the people, because many people in Venezuela don’t have access to Internet. People tell me that when they go to the center of town that a lot of the people have the radio on full volume being transmitted into the street.   

As I said in last month’s newsletter, we started a new ministry outreach of having women’s retreats in Venezuela and Colombia. They are called “Dancing In Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation.” Veronica had our first one in Colombia last month. We had about 70 in attendance. It went very well. Women were saved and lives transformed!

I just printed out many New Testaments in the Indigenous language-the Yupka language- which we will be giving out free. On the next set I print I will include the book of Proverbs since Venancio finished translating this book.  

I started preaching a new cell meeting each week. So now I preach 9 times a week. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays I preach once; Wednesday I preach three times, and Friday I preach twice.   I do enjoy my Saturdays that I have off. It’s a time to refresh. 

I would like to share with you a testimony of an older Indian preacher named Simatitiryashi. He’s worked with me for quite some time now. Simatitirtashi said that he went to visit his daughter in the Chitakai tribe. When he arrived he felt dizzy. He stayed a little bit, rested and then left to hike back to his hut. He says that on the way back to his hut, along the pathway, he passed out. He says he left his body. Once out of his body, he saw Jesus in a white robe. Then Jesus told him, “Come with me and I will show you two places that you must see and testify about.” First, Jesus showed him hell. There were many people, from different places and nationalities. He said they screamed and cried.  He also saw different demons which had heads of cattle, of bats, and dogs. They tormented the people in hell. One demon told Simatitiryashi that hell was their place and they were trying to bring as many people as possible there. Simatitiryashi said he was scared but Jesus told him, “Don’t fear, you are with Me here.” Simatitiryashi said, “The demons couldn’t do anything against us, because the power of God was with us.    After that Jesus took me to heaven. I saw those who had died in Christ. The people were worshipping God.” Simatitiryashi said that heaven was an incredible place. He went on to say that Jesus showed him the holes in His hands and feet where He was crucified, and told him “I suffered for all so they can have salvation. Testify about both places.”  Simatitiryashi’s family found him on the path and they took him back to his daughter’s hut. Simatitiryashi later told this story to Venancio.

Well thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                                                                                       In His Service,

                                                                                                                       Doug, Veronica, James & Ana


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