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Doug Dennis Ministries

November 2020 Newsletter


Greetings from Colombia! I am here with Willian (a Colombian friend that I know from Venezuela. Later in the newsletter I will share an amazing testimony that happened when he returned to Venezuela from Colombia about a month ago.)  

          Willian and I have wanted to start a church in Colombia. I have been praying about it for a while, but didn’t say anything. Willian asked me again what I thought of he and I starting a work in Colombia. After praying more, I felt good about it. If possible, I would like to start a radio station there also. We are in Ríohacha, Colombia. It’s a desert region. I currently have 2 radio stations and 3 churches in Venezuela. I feel it is the Lord’s will to start a church in Colombia also.  In Venezuela I preach 8 times a week (sometimes more). In the same way I preach in the churches and through the radio stations simultaneously in Venezuela, I would be able to preach in Colombia. When I’m in Colombia I can preach, when I’m not, I can preach in the three live church services that I currently have each week in Venezuela. (The other five preachings are a Monday-Friday morning message.) I brought a video projector and laptop so that through the internet I can preach 3 times a week here also. 

          My main Indian leader, Venancio, is in Colombia also but in the mountains. Last month Venancio met an Indian at a near-by tribe who has family at one of the only group of tribes in Colombia that we haven’t been able to evangelize. They left on the 28th of October. It’s very far from Venezuela. From Venancio’s tribe it’s a 5-day hike, and they will arrive on the 6th day. It will be a great feat if we are able to reach these tribes with the gospel. Once the Indian preachers tried to go into these tribes to evangelize but the chief at those tribes (Iroka) wouldn’t allow it. This trip should be different since there is a family member from the tribes traveling with Venancio. That should give them the permission they need to enter the tribes. Let’s pray for signs so that the tribes will believe unto salvation.  

          I bought yet another house to convert into a church. Right now, we have church buildings that we own for both of my churches in Machiques, Venezuela. The latest is near the center of town, which makes it more accessible for most people.  We started to tear down the walls and make just one room which will be the sanctuary. We are going to add on one room for my workers that will live there, and one room for the radio station.  

          The churches are going great. We are having many extra evangelistic activities to win more people to Christ. On Saturday nights, a team heads up a movie in the neighborhood, which draws a lot of people. During this time, they give the salvation message.  Also, after church service on Sundays, they go to a neighborhood in need and cut hair, share soup, and have special activities for the people. Also, on Saturdays we started a feeding program for the children and parents. After participating in biblical children’s activities, they feed the people. There are many new believers in our churches so we will be going to 2 services within a few weeks.  


I usually share testimonies that occur at the Indian tribes but, this month, I have a testimony with Willian who works with me in Venezuela and Colombia.  He is the one I mentioned at the beginning of the newsletter. Like I said, we are planning, Lord willing, to start up a church and a radio station together in Colombia.   Lately he was stuck in Colombia for 7 months. Because of the pandemic, he was not allowed to leave the country. A few weeks ago, he arrived at his house in Venezuela. A couple of days after arriving home, around 6pm, his son, Isai, came running into the house saying that it looked like Francia, the neighbor who lives in front of them, was dying. (Francia was about 50 years old.) Willian’s son heard her screaming as if something terrible was happening so he went into her house and he said it looked like she was dying. So Willian, his wife and family went into Francia’s house to pray for her.  

          When they went into her house, she was beside herself, begging Willian, “Please don’t let them take me.” They started praying for Francia. When they put their hands on her there was an evil voice that came out of her mouth that said “not to pray for her” and said “they weren’t allowed in her house.” They didn’t listen and prayed anyways. Willian said that he felt led to rebuke “the spirit of death.” They prayed with her until she was better. Francia (who practiced sorcery) told them, after she was better, what had happened.  She said that 4 demons, which had heads that looked like bats, and bodies like monkeys showed up at her house and told her that they were taking her to hell.  That was when she started screaming. She explained that they said that today was her day, and that they were going to take her, and they started to pull her. That’s when Willian prayed for her until she was ok. Willian then preached the gospel to her. Francia accepted Jesus into her heart for the forgiveness of sins. About a week later, on a Tuesday, Francia called Willian over to her house and said, “Today I saw Jesus, He extended His hand to me and said, ‘You will be with me now, forever.’” A few hours later Francia died.  

          I thought this was a great testimony on how God gave this woman a second chance and she received Jesus in her heart before she died.  

           Well thank you for all your prayers and support.  It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.  God bless you.

                                                                                                          In His Service,

                                                                                                          Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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