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Doug Dennis Ministries

May 2023 Newsletter


Dear friend, 

Greetings!  My recent trip to Colombia went well. The radio ministry, the church services, and the small group gatherings all went great. It’s truly remarkable to witness God's work in the world at this moment. The Bible speaks of a significant outpouring, referred to as the latter rain, and I believe we are currently experiencing it. Despite the presence of much evil, it serves to make the light shine even brighter.

In the past month, we successfully established our 7th radio station in Venezuela, bringing the total number of stations to eight, including our one in Colombia. We built this station in the Andes at an altitude over 7,000 feet - almost 1.5 miles high. Because of its extremely high elevation, the station covers an extensive radius, probably covering the whole state of Merida. There are no Christian radio stations in the area, so this will be a powerful evangelism tool and also it will be a big blessing to all the believers in this very large area. 


I also had the opportunity to assist with my father-in-law's radio station at his church in La Villa del Rosario. Its FM coverage was limited due to the small transmitter and low radio tower. So we upgraded the FM transmitter to one that is three times more powerful, adjusted the antennas, and raised the height of the FM radio tower, greatly expanding its reach.  Now we will reach many more people with the gospel of Christ.

I’ve been trying to figure out new ways to better my Bible School. With the availability of my radio stations, we can broadcast information about the Bible schools and hold them in various locations each month, having the travelling distance cater to different tribes each month. In other words, instead of everyone traveling to the same place that we always have our Bible School at, we can organize it in a specific region that includes, for instance, seven tribes, and all the Indians who live in that area will be welcome and it will not just be attended by my Indian leaders. Each person who comes can bring their own food (crops they've grown) and hammock, making it a camp-meeting like gathering. Additionally, the churches in the tribes require some maintenance, so Venancio can bring our chainsaw, and then, after Bible School, everyone can work together to repair the churches in that area.

At the Marawa tribe we built a radio station to minister to the mountain Indians who speak the Yupka language. This is the only radio station that reaches the mountain Indians in their language with Christian preaching. Every day at this radio station in Marawa, I have about ten of my different Indian leaders take turns preaching from morning to night in a marathon-like fashion. This month, a blind Indian man visited the radio station, sharing how he listens to the daily broadcasts in his native language, and he even delivered a sermon on the FM radio station.

In Venezuela we had another women’s retreat, “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation.”  It was a powerful event where there were healings and many baptisms in the Holy Spirit.

There is a testimony I would like to share:


One of my Indian leaders, named Alfonso, went to minister to the Shukumo tribe. As soon as he got there, the mother of a young man came to him and said, "Brother Alfonso, thank God you came. I want you to pray for my son. He has problems with demonic spirits, struggles to sleep, wakes up screaming loudly, and cries all night. When he finally stops, he says there's a tall, dark figure trying to take him away. The demon seems to follow him everywhere." Alfonso told her, "Bring your son to the church service this afternoon, and we will pray for him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ."

    That afternoon, the mother brought her son to the service. After praise, worship, and preaching, everyone prayed for the young man in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Alfonso rebuked the evil spirit, saying, "Leave, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and never bother this boy again." He then advised them to return the next day for more prayer.

      The following morning, Alfonso went to check on the young man. When he arrived at the boy's house, the family told him, "Glory to God, Brother Alfonso, our boy is much better. He slept well throughout the night." Alfonso gave all the praise and glory to God. The whole family was overjoyed, and they all accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. The boy has been healed ever since, (this happened 6 months ago) and they tell Alfonso that they want him to keep coming back to preach the gospel and disciple their tribe. 

Well thank you so much for all your prayers and financial support.  It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.

                                                                                                                                   In His Service,

                                                                                                   Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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