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Greetings from Colombia! I want to say a big thank you for all your prayers and support which makes the work possible in Venezuela and Colombia. I’m here in Colombia installing a new radio station. This will be my 6th radio station, and the first station in Colombia. It will be a great tool for the church. We are believing that many will be saved and discipled through the FM station. Many people engage by writing in prayer requests to the radio stations in Venezuela and we will encourage the listeners to do the same in Colombia. Many believers will be able to develop their call by preaching and teaching on this station. 


The new radio station is being installed in a town called Villa Rosa. It is close to Repelon, the town where I have my church. The station will encompass a large area including Repelon. The reason we picked Villa Rosa is because it is at a higher elevation than Repelon, so it will broadcast farther to the neighboring towns. 


My two leaders, Venancio and Rafael left Venezuela and went through the mountains to bring the new radio transmitter and other necessary things for the station. There are too many national guard checkpoints on the roads in Venezuela which makes taking anything of value through to Colombia exceedingly difficult. They would most likely seize the transmitter and other radio things at one of the checkpoints. To avoid that they had to take these materials through the mountains.


 Venancio and Raphael arrived here a few days ago and now we are all working to set up the station. Venancio, since he is small and agile, is good at climbing the TV tower to position the antenna. It takes a long time to get the antenna to the perfect position. Diomedes, my one leader and pastor who is the radio tech, also came over to Colombia to help set up the radio station. 


While in Colombia, I will be preaching in Repelon and at other towns. I will be preaching at churches, cell meetings, and doing evangelistic services.


 This month we held another women’s retreat in Machiques, Venezuela. The retreat- “A Journey of Love and Transformation”- touched many women and was highly successful. And then on April 5th, a week after my monthly Bible School, I sent the Yukpa Indian teams out to preach to many tribes. I made 5 groups. I sent them to the mountain tribes in Venezuela and in Colombia. They just got back and brought many good reports about what God is doing at the tribes. 


I want to share one of the testimonies that happened recently. It concerned an Indian woman named Anelis Matishi and her son who is 2 years old. Anelis is from the Indian tribe of Marewa. She told Venancio her testimony. Anelis said that her youngest child was extremely sick. Anelis prayed that God would heal her son. She prayed until she fell asleep. She said, “When I fell asleep, I saw an angel of God dressed in a white robe who said to me, ‘Don't fear. I have come from the presence of God and was sent to heal your son, but you must testify to others about what you're seeing and hearing.’ I then asked him, ‘Who are you?’ The angel said, ‘I am an angel of the Lord, your son is now healed, but you must testify of this healing and how it happened.’ I asked him, ‘Where did you come from?’ and the angel said once more, ‘I am an angel of God. I came from heaven, where God sent me, because God heard your prayer and He sent me to heal your child. God heard your prayer and I came because of it.’ When the angel was leaving, he again said to make sure that I testify about what happened. My child was healed; therefore, I testify how that happened.”


 Well thank you again for your prayers and support. We are taking the gospel to many former “unreachable” areas. God bless you!

                                                                 In His Service,

                                                                 Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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