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Doug Dennis Ministries

May 2021 Newsletter

Greetings! I had a wonderful and productive trip by the Holy Spirit last month in Colombia. I try to be in Colombia every month. Everything went well like always. There are more and more people every day going to my church in Repelón, Colombia. We must get more chairs as we don’t have enough to seat everyone. Actually, there are so many people that I decided to buy a truck for church transportation. Many people live in small towns near my church in Repelón, and want to attend, but it’s a far walk. Willian and his wife Neivis are over the work when I am not there. They livestream my live Sunday morning preaching and they also preach in the many cell meetings. They visit and minister to the believers and they also have an outreach ministry. Willian has a motorcycle/car that fits a few people, but it takes about 4-5 hours every Sunday to pick up the people and take them home. With the truck It’ll be so much better. (I put a picture of the motorcycle/car – We’re in the process of buying a truck and next month I will send a picture of it.)

This past month while I was in Colombia, Pastors David and Lorena Rico from Riohacha, Colombia (a city close to Venezuela) came to Repelón and visited me. They asked me if they could be under my covering and if we could work together. I met them around 2 years ago when I preached at their church, and we have been in touch ever since. When I prayed I felt that it was of God. Therefore I will visit them when I go to Colombia again. I will just have to make my schedule to preach at both places.

The Venezuelan churches are also really growing. We finished this past month expanding the church in Machiques Venezuela. (One of my radio stations is located here.) With the expansion, 200 people can now fit in the church. The work is going forth. The church is filled every Sunday! I have been able to buy a lot of food for the poor people that go to the churches I have in Venezuela. Many don’t have enough food but to eat 1 time a day. The situation in Venezuela is very difficult.

This past month, once Venancio came back from the tribes in Colombia, we were able to have my Bible School with the Indian leaders again at his tribe, Marewa. Actually it is going on right now -the 30th of April till the 2nd of May. Many Indian leaders came down for the meetings. I preach 2 or 3 times a day. When I preach it is live on the radio stations also.

I have been printing and binding many New Testaments in the Indian language. I formatted from John-Revelations. I am going to format Matthew, Mark and Luke also. I have a long enough bible cover now, (legal-sized card stock) that can be used to fit all the New Testament. I am having Venancio start translating Proverbs, as the book of Proverbs is an amazing book of wisdom.

There is a testimony that I would like to share from an Indian woman from the tribe of Marewa.

It’s about an indigenous woman named Aneli who was healed of paralysis. It also involves another Indian woman named María Inés, who had a dream of what happened in the spiritual world when prayer was made for Aneli.

Aneli laid on the floor of her hut with paralysis for 3 months. Venancio felt led with some other Indian believers to pray for Aneli. Aneli saw angels appear when Venancio and the believers started to pray for her. In the vision she said that when Venancio and the other believers prayed for her that two angels who were dressed in white touched her and she was healed. After she was healed, she went to the church service and testified about what happened.

Before Aneli testified at the church, there was another Indian woman named Maria Ines, who saw what happened to Aneli in a dream. She said that in the dream she saw 2 angels that spoke to her and said, “Listen to what we are going to tell you. God does many great works in many places.” Then in the dream Maria saw the Indian woman, Aneli, who had paralysis in part of her body lying on the floor of her hut. In Maria Ines’ dream, the angel continued, “Wherever you go to pray for the sick, God will back His Word, and do the work.” Maria Ines said that the angels told her to testify what she saw in the dream and told her to say it at the church service also.


I wanted to explain about what has happened lately with the mail. In the past 6 months many people have stated that their ministry support checks are being returned, and that the mail says, “insufficient address.” For the last 20 years, my ministry address has been the same address, but in the last 6 months the mail has stopped working correctly. My mom has contacted the USPS 5 different times explaining the situation and they always say the same thing that they will correct it and it won’t happen again, but it consistently does happen again. There are some people that have informed us, but probably other people get their returned check and don’t say anything. Therefore, you will notice (to those who receive the paper newsletter in the mail), that this month the address on the small return envelope is to a P.O. Box. That will be the ministry’s new mailing address. Nothing of course will change for those who use the Rhema envelope to receive a tax receipt. I just wanted you to know why there is a new address on the small enclosed envelopes.

Well thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Colombia and Venezuela possible. God bless you.

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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