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Dear friend, 

          Greetings! I pray that you are doing well. I have been busy as ever making the most of my time. The radio station has become the greatest ministry tool to date. I preach live on average 2 times a day. I have had to do extra studying to be able to make so many messages a day. Most messages last from 40-50 minutes.   

         The radio has been the backbone of what God is doing in many places, like Venezuela, where the average person doesn’t have access to internet. I have also been preaching on my father-in-law's radio station every morning live. His radio station is in La Villa, Venezuela. I helped them fix their radio station right before the corona virus hit, and before everything went on lock-down. It was at the perfect time. Also, in the town of Rioacha, Colombia, there is a church that has a radio station.  Someone who lives there told me that they get my radio messages every day on my YouTube channel. So their church is broadcasting them each day on their radio station. That was a surprise to me, because I don’t even know the pastors, though I have preached in a few churches in Rioacha. When it’s possible to go there I will look those pastors up.   

         I am having Venancio, my main Indian leader preach in the Yukpa language on the radio station.  It is being transmitted throughout the mountains. It’s the only Christian station that transmits in the Yukpa language. Once the lockdown is over, and Venezuela has gasoline (for the past month and half there has been no gasoline in all of Venezuela), we are going to make new antennas that will be compatible with the radio stations watts. That way it will transmit farther and be able to reach the far away mountain tribes.   

         I’m still looking to get another radio station for the city of Maracaibo. I will be able to place it in my friend’s church. I have a few necessary parts of equipment for the second radio station, but I don’t have everything yet.  


         I wanted to share with you a testimony from an Indian believer named Miguelangel. Miguelangel is from the far away mountain tribe of Taremo. Here is his testimony:   Miguelangel went to Colombia to work. Most of the Indians just live off whatever they can produce in the mountains, but some decide to leave their tribe and go off and work, usually on a cattle farm. Many don’t speak Spanish, but really, they don’t need to, they get the idea of what they are supposed to do. Miguelangel worked on the farm in Colombia for 3 months. He started to get really sick and was very sick for a few weeks while at the farm. Finally, after not getting better, he decided to go to an Indian tribe in Colombia called Mision de Socorpa to wait it out.    

         While in Socorpa, he kept getting worse. One morning he went to bathe in the river. When he got to the river he fainted. A lot of time passed before some other Indians went to the river and saw Miguelangel on the ground. When the one Indian tried to pick up Miguelangel he realized that Miguelangel wasn’t breathing. 

         Miguelangel said that his spirit left his body and he arrived before the gates of heaven. There he saw two angels. There was the Book of Life, with many names written in it. Then he saw what looked like the book of eternal condemnation. Miguelangel said, “I was very surprised, many times we wouldn’t imagine anything like this while on earth, but the spiritual things are very real.” While outside the gates of heaven the angel showed Miguelangel a vision. Though he didn’t enter inside the gates of heaven he saw in the vision people (he knew that they were those who died in Christ) praising God within the gates. The angel told him, “This is the paradise prepared for those who have the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts.” Then the angel showed Miguelangel a vision of hell, saying, “This is the eternal place of punishment for those who reject the gospel of salvation.” There Miguelangel saw an uncountable multitude in fire.    


         Then the Indians who found Miguelangel tried to see if he would respond by throwing water on him. That’s when Miguelangel said he came back to his body. When he came back, God had healed him. 

                  Well thank you very much for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. Take care and God bless you. 


                                                                                                                  In His service, 

                                                                                                                  Doug, Veronica, James and Ana 

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