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May 2019


Greetings from the Dennis family! We want to say “thank-you” to all who pray and support the ministry. This past month went great. I preached in northern Colombia for about 2 weeks. I preached at churches and had evangelistic services. There were healings and about 40 people saved at the services.  My Bible school in Venezuela also went well. Though I wasn’t there I “preached” there through a series of videos that I made for the Bible school. I made 8 videos for the Bible school and sent it to one of my workers in Venezuela. He downloaded them and was able to show the videos with the generator and video projector that I bought a few years ago. Also, I am still financially supporting pastors in Venezuela during these troubled times in the country.

           I finally was able to get the 2 mules that the WOC Wonderkids had bought for my teams to take when I send them to the mountain Indian tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. It was very difficult because gasoline is scarce in Venezuela. In the one town near where we had to transport the mules you have to wait a week or more in lines to get gas. (The people have to stay and sleep in their cars to keep their place in the line.) Therefore, transportation is limited. We were finally able to transport the second mule and I’ve enclosed a picture of the 2 together. 

         This month I sent out some of my Indian leaders to preach the gospel and disciple the tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. Besides going to Colombia this month, I made videos and many radio preachings for the radio stations in Venezuela. 


Here is a testimony that my Indian leader, Alfonzo, gave me to share.  Last month I sent his team to preach to the tribes in the mountains of Colombia. His testimony happened at the Granada tribe. He relates that while they were on their trip through the jungle in the mountains in Colombia, an Indian woman came to them to ask them to pray for her son who was very sick. He had lost his appetite and hadn’t been able to keep food down for a long time. So Alfonzo and my other Indian leaders prayed for him at their church service. The next day, the woman who asked them for prayer approached them excitingly, telling them that God is good and that He had healed her son. She said, “I took my son to the doctors in a city in Colombia. It was a few days trip to get there, but they could not heal him. Now, you came to us at our tribe and God healed my son, through you!” She invited my leaders to stay at her hut and she asked them to stay one more day to have another church service.  She said that they wouldn’t have to evangelize to get the people to come to the service but that she was going to go and invite the people telling them how God had healed her son by their prayers! Many people showed up for church service that night. The woman, her husband and children received Christ that night, along with other Indians in the community. Then, as an offering for her son’s healing she had someone kill a cow to feed my Indian leaders who were there. When leaving, the community asked them to return soon so they can keep hearing the Word of God. 


I wanted to share a little bit of what happened when I was in Colombia. My friend and Indian leader, Rafael, who has worked for me for the last 18 years in Venezuela, lived his youth in Colombia before moving to Venezuela. He has family at the towns where we preached. We just stayed inside the churches or in the houses of the pastors or friends of family at the places we went to. We were in Cartagena, San Pablo (very small town) Sabana Larga (medium sized town) and Villa Rosa (another small town). While in Colombia there were some testimonies that I would like to share: 

     There were people healed. One of Rafael’s sisters said she suffered for many years of an inflamed swollen heart. She said after I prayed for her that all the pain and discomfort was gone, and now her heart is back to normal! 

    Another testimony was what seems to happen often. A church believes in being filled with the Holy Spirit but only a very small portion of the congregation is filled and speaks with other tongues. At one church, only about 10% of the people were filled and spoke in other tongues. After I preached the message of being filled, all the people who were not filled came up to the altar and all were filled with the Spirit and all spoke in other tongues. Therefore, they were all very grateful that I ministered at their church. 

            Another testimony occurred at the small town of San Pablo. In many of the small towns in Colombia, there is a lot of witchcraft. They say it’s because their ancestors practiced it. Therefore, during my services there were a lot of possessed people who were liberated. At one of the evangelistic meetings, while we were worshipping God, a woman started to scream. I tried to deliver her but it wasn’t working so I asked “how many demons she had,” to which the demon said “30,” then she started to name them. While the demon was manifesting, she looked over and asked for help. We prayed, believing that she would be freed. After she was freed, she accepted Christ in her heart. She explained afterward that when she was having problems, she went to a witch doctor and that’s how she got the demons. She then went to another witch doctor to get those demons out but instead she got more. 


          This month I will be having my Bible school for my Indian leaders via video. Again, I will send my teaching videos and they will be played using the generator. I also will be going back to preach and evangelize in Colombia. While I preach at the towns and cities in Colombia, I will send my Indian leaders to take the gospel to the mountain tribes in Colombia and Venezuela. All must hear the gospel before the end comes.

         Well thank you for your prayers and support. Your prayers and financial support make possible all that we do in Venezuela and Colombia. God bless you.




                                                                                                       In His Service,

                                                                                                       Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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