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May 2017 Monthly Newsletter

Greetings! I want to start off by saying thank you very much for your prayers and your support, which makes the ministry possible. This month there was a Brazilian missionary who lives in the Amazon rain forest who came to meet with me in Venezuela. He was preaching the gospel at the different mountain indigenous tribes, and he wanted to meet me knowing that I was the first one who went to those tribes. It was almost as if he wanted my permission to preach there. For me there's never been a problem. Anybody can go preach the gospel at the far away tribes; he surely didn’t have to ask me about it. The whole point is to get the gospel out. He asked me to go 

with him to the indigenous tribes in the jungles of Brazil. He has contacts and he's been to them and he wants to start up a work there too. So we are planning out a two week trip to go to those tribes, probably in the beginning of June. Veronica and the kids will stay at the house in Venezuela while I go to Brazil. The Bible says that before the end can come the gospel has to be preached to the whole world, and that includes the secluded indigenous tribes. 

This past month of April we had a great time at the monthly Bible school. We started our study of the book, Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits by Kenneth E Hagin. I didn't want to rush the book so we just went little by little, and next month we will study more. During those times at the monthly Bible school, I preach and teach about the subject, and then at night I might preach at a church in the area. 

I made a team that I will be sending out next week to take the Bible school to the faraway mountain tribes. I have enough books for everyone there, and between the videos, book study, and the Christian movies it will make for a week-long bible class. There will be four Indian tribes invited. 

I formed another group that will preach to different mountain tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. I will be looking forward to the testimonies that they have when they come back. 

The evangelistic crusade also went very well. There were people who received Christ as their Savior. We usually take the crusades to neighborhoods where they have no churches. After we have the crusade we then start a weekly cell meeting so we can disciple the new Christians. 

I am working on making new 5 - 1 hour videos on prayer. Of course I could say more about my last topic of “being led by the Spirit” but I would like to do 5 hours of different subjects and then when I finish all the topics I want to cover I will then start again and make another five videos or so digging deeper in each subject. So I have been preaching at the Bible school, preaching at the Crusades, making videos of teachings for the indigenous Bible school, preaching at churches, recording radio messages, and preaching live on the radio. I enjoy doing all of these things as if they were my hobby. Each month I send out teams of my Indian leaders to many indigenous tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia where they encourage and disciple the believers who accepted the gospel in previous trips and they also evangelize new Indians. During one of these missionary trips in the jungle mountains that my Indian leaders went on they had the opportunity to speak with an indigenous person named Uribe, who shared the following testimony: One night he was very hungry because he had not eaten all day. He was waiting on his harvest. The harvest wasn't ready yet so he had no food to eat. (Right now because of the crisis that Venezuela is having many people don't have enough money just to go into town and buy food.) Uribe said, "I asked God to help me because I was hungry and I remembered hearing the indigenous missionary say that, ‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ When I remembered that I was encouraged and I went to my hammock and I lay down to sleep. While I slept, I heard a loud voice that told me to get up and I immediately woke up. I thought it was a person but when I looked nobody was there. Since there was no one I went back to sleep. A few minutes later I heard the same voice that told me get up and to go to the place that I had previously thought of going to. Though it was late I got up and went to this place in the mountain jungle. I was hungry so I thought the voice meant to go hunting. When I got to the place that the voice told me to go to, I found two lapas. (This is a big rodent like creature that is very difficult to hunt, because it only comes out at night, and is easily spooked.) They were already dead. Someone had hunted for me! I gave thanks to God. God knew my needs. Therefore, I told the preaching missionaries, ‘I want to tell you that you are welcome in my house to preach the gospel. I am convinced that there is only one all-powerful God.’” God bless you! 

In His Service, 

Doug, Veronica, James & baby Ana

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