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Doug Dennis Ministries

March Newsletter 2023

In February, I had a fruitful time in Colombia and I am looking forward to going back this month. During my stay, I was privileged to inaugurate my new church building and then the congregation had soup afterwards. It was a joyous occasion!  They just finished the building the day before, so it was the first Sunday at our new location.  The previous location, where we used to hold services, was not available every Sunday due to loud music from a nearby bar. (The bar was open all night and extended into the Sunday morning hours.) So we built a new temple to better serve the neighborhood community.  We chose the palm leaf roof for our temple because it’s the most practical solution for the hot climate. Our funds were limited, and installing air conditioning and paying for the electricity each month was not feasible.

During my time in Colombia, I preached twice a day on the radio. This allowed me to spread my messages to my other six FM radio stations in Venezuela.  In the evening I preached at my church and in cell meetings.  I also went to Barranquilla and shared the Word there.


I am excited to announce that I have started to buy the radio station equipment for the 8th FM radio station that we are going to setup in the Catatumbo region in Venezuela. I decided this would be the best place because we have a work in this area and it would be a good tool for the believers here. A church has generously provided the funds for the project and we are so grateful! I purchased the RVR radio transmitter from Thessaloniki, Greece. It is currently on its way to Venezuela. It was made in Italy and is really good quality.


I feel that radio is the most effective means of reaching the majority of places in Venezuela. Through radio broadcasting, people are saved, current believers are nourished in their faith, new believers are taught and mentored, individuals are healed by the Word, and all are encouraged in their beliefs. I am grateful for the opportunity to preach daily on all these radio stations.


Last month, one of my Indian workers had the last surgery for his eyes. I was able to bring him to the clinic in Colombia and pay for the surgery. The doctor had warned before the surgery that if he didn't get it done soon, he would be blind in both eyes, so this was a big blessing to him. Everything turned out well and he can now see perfectly fine.


I was also able to pay for someone facing a critical need for kidney surgery. The procedure was successful and they are now making progress towards a full recovery. The doctor is optimistic that the kidney can be saved. We’re believing God's ability to bring about complete healing.


I was able to purchase all three mules, which were more expensive though than I had anticipated. They used to cost $300, but are now priced at $500. Nonetheless, they will be a great blessing for those who preach in the mountains of Venezuela. We will load up one of the mules with New Testaments in the Juppa language and she’ll go high up the mountains so they can have God’s Word in these remote places.


Here is a testimony I would like to share: 


"Aki Suares, a young Indian from the Marewa tribe, shared his testimony with my Indian leader, Venancio.  Despite being deaf and mute, his family member who understands sign language was able to tell Venancio the experience Aki had.  One night Aki woke up in the middle of the night and felt led to go to the palm leaf church that was in his tribe. There, he encountered three individuals dressed in white with golden hair and sandals.  They told him they were angels sent by God.

The angels communicated with Aki through words, and he was able to understand them. They told him that God wants people to use the palm leaf temple for worship and to hear His word. The temple was built by Aki's father, Segundo. Segundo, who was a devout believer, passed away a year ago. Since Segundo's death, the temple had been unused.


The angels told Aki that his earthly father was now in heaven and even showed him a vision of Segundo in heaven. Aki said that the place was so beautiful. Overcome with emotion, Aki began to cry. The angels encouraged him to follow in his father's footsteps, walking the straight and narrow path of faith.


This all took place at 1 am and when his family woke up, they found Aki still in tears as he shared his encounter with the angels.


Well thank you so much for your prayers and support.  It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.



                               In His Service,

                               Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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