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Greetings! This past month I had a great time, preaching on both of my radio stations every day, at my churches, sending the teams out to preach at the mountain tribes, and ministering in Colombia. While in Colombia, I preached at my church and at the different house meetings we have there. Our ministry in Colombia is really growing. Our church, Vida Abundante, is filled and we have 30 house meetings (cell groups) consisting of 20-30 people. This month I will be going back to Colombia to preach. My goal is to preach there every month. While in Colombia I was able to give away many Kenneth Hagin books which are a great benefit to the people there. Last month in Colombia, Wilian, who works for me as an overseer of the church, shared one of my videos at a house meeting. At the end of the video, I always say the prayer of salvation. A man who was at the house meeting, upon hearing the invitation, accepted Christ in his heart. Two weeks later, he had heart surgery and died. I’m so glad that, before he died, he had accepted Christ into his heart and is now in heaven. Our Venezuelan churches are also going well. The churches, even with the pandemic and lockdown, are growing. We have outgrown the building in the one church so we are currently remodeling and expanding it. It should be finished in a week or so. I will send you pictures when it is done. This month I will be improving the radio station signal by making the antenna higher and adding more antennas to the main antenna. My main Indian leader, Venancio, had another successful trip preaching in Colombia to some mountain tribes that we had never ministered to before. It takes 6 days of hiking up the mountains to arrive at these tribes. These tribes had never heard the gospel. The Indians were receptive to the gospel and many Indians were saved. There is a testimony that happened this month that I want to share with you. It’s from one of my Indian leaders whose name is Fredi Michikchi. Fredi lives close to the Kiripomsa tribe. He said he had a dream and, in this dream, he was taken to heaven. There he saw his sister and his father, both had died a few years ago. In heaven, they wore a white robe and had a crown on their heads. They both were surrounded by a great light. Fredi’s sister talked to him, telling him to preserver in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ because it is the only way to salvation. She said that Jesus is the only way to heaven and in no one else is there salvation. She said, now that they had departed the earth, they are with God forever. As Fredi looked around he saw the multitudes and angels praising God. His sister said, “There are no needs here, here everything that God does is from his throne.” She told him to tell the Indians in the mountains that they should be faithful and preserver because many are not right with God right now. She said, “I told my husband before dying to keep on walking with God, and to take care of our kids, but he hasn’t been faithful to God, nor has he taken care of the kids as he should. Tell him, that before God, he is not walking right, and to repent. Fredi’s father then said, “What your sister has told you is right, we are now here in heaven with God, therefore, be a perfect man of God because we want you to come here also to heaven. Heaven is real, and the way to God is through the truth, Jesus Christ. Don’t worry about us, we are good, work out your own salvation, follow the Way of God.” Then an angel came down and said, “It’s time to go back, to wake up.” Well, thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you. In His Service, Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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