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Doug Dennis Ministries

March 2020 Newsletter

Dear friend,

Greetings! Praise God, our congregations are growing in our two churches in the town of Machiques. We need more chairs and at the one church we’re outgrowing the building. We started a church in a town called “Las Piedras” last month and each week we have more in attendance.  


I am planning to teach on a regular basis at the Indian tribes also. I am just waiting for the new video projectors to arrive at the tribes. Once they arrive, we will be able to show the preachings that I do for the churches at the Indian tribes.


I will explain how I do my preachings so you can understand how I will send my preaching to the tribes. In the mornings, Monday-Friday I preach live on my radio station 90.5 FM for about 45 minutes. In the churches I preach 4 times a week. Sometimes I preach live; other times I schedule the preachings for a certain day and hour that I will make them available. For the messages that I will send to the tribes, I will make them a day early, then I can send them with transportation to the first tribe on a flash drive. That way I can preach not only in the 3 churches but can also send the preachings 3 or 4 times a week to the tribes (They don’t have internet to stream live so I will have someone in the town down load my preaching on a flash drive. Then an Indian leader will take the flash drive to the Indian tribes and show it on one of the projectors that we bought for the mountain tribes.) Lately I’ve been preaching 10 times a week, because I also preach at a house meeting. The only day I don’t preach is on Saturdays, but sometimes I do because of special activities like our Indian Bible School or special church services.


We have replaced the old radio equipment with better equipment; now the only thing to replace is the antenna. Once we can get an antenna that is compatible with our equipment (one that is able to extend the range) my radio station will be able to be heard clearly in many Indian tribes. Presently, my radio station can be heard at a few Indian tribes.


This month we took the church to the streets and had 13   evangelistic meetings. Our 2 churches in Machiques have evangelistic meetings outside the church on some of the days we don’t have service so we can bring the gospel to the unchurched people. Below is a picture showing one of our evangelistic meetings. We have also been focusing on having services at the local jail and that has brought people to Christ.


We had a real game changer this month. World Outreach Church bought the ministry a Chevy Silverado truck. The reason why this is such a big deal is for multiple reasons.

1.      We use it as transportation for the people who live far away from the churches but want to attend.

2.      My one pastor couple who helps at one of the churches in Machiques also is discipling a large group of people in “Las Piedras”, which is about 45 minutes away. To get there was difficult due to lack of transportation but now he has the truck to use!

3.      We are using it to get all the food and supplies for the churches and to the Indian activities (including the food and transportation of the Indian pastors and leaders. It is also used to get gasoline for the chainsaw and necessities from the town to take to the first Indian tribe and then will be taken on foot to the mountain tribes.)

In the pictures below I have a photo of the truck and the people being taken to church in the truck. There are also pictures of two of our services. The last photo shows a church service at one of the tribes.


Well, thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.

                                                         In His Service,

                                                         Doug, Veronica, James and Ana

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