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March 2017 Newsletter

Doug Dennis Ministries  


Greetings! The ministry in Venezuela is going great. I sent out many teams to go preach to the mountain Indian tribes. I have been recording radio messages, preaching live on the radio, preaching at different churches, and I have been making my videos for my Indian Bible school. 

Last newsletter I said I would inform you about the trip to evangelize the new Indian tribe in Colombia. I sent one of my teams there but the Colombian army was in the mountains seeking out different rebel guerrilla groups and they would not allow my team go to that part of the Colombian side of the mountain. We will try again next month, Lord willing. 

Like I said in my last newsletter, I wish that I could go to all of the mountain tribes, but because of the kidnapping attempts on my life, I believe the Lord gave me the idea of how I can go to all the tribes through video. (My Indian leaders can go to the tribes because the Colombian guerillas don’t bother them since they are not American.) Because most of the mountain tribes do not have electricity I bought a generator. I have a video projector, and I talked on the last newsletter about my Bluetooth speaker which is waterproof and has 100 hours of battery. We already started this project at two tribes and the Indians really liked it a lot. So I preached at those tribes through the video and they also played Christian movies. It attracted a lot of believers and non-believers as well. Through this, new Indians accepted Christ in their heart. It seems like it's a win-win situation for everybody. I have made 4 videos about being led by the Spirit. Each are about 1 hour long. I will take the Bible school to all the tribes close and far. 

At the crusade last month there were 31 who received Christ in their heart. We went into a neighborhood and we set up chairs on the road. We also set up the musical instruments and I preached. It went very well. 

There is a testimony that I want to share. On a trip where my indigenous leaders were preaching at different tribes they came to the Putuchi tribe. When they got there some of the believers in the tribe came up to my leaders and informed them that a Christian Indian named Regino had severed his leg with a machete and he wanted prayer. It was cut very bad. He explained how he had sharpened his machete and was cutting the brush in the mountains. He was walking on the mountain path and slipped. The machete went through the back of his knee. He somehow managed to pull it out. The indigenous people at his tribe tried to stop the bleeding but couldn't. They had to carry him 4 hours down the mountain to a small clinic where they tried to stop the bleeding. The doctors realized that he had diabetes, and because of the severe cut they were thinking that it might be necessary to amputate his leg. Regino wouldn't allow them and told the doctors that he had faith in God and that God would heal him. A few days later in the morning hours Jesus appeared to him and said that the machete would have cut through the tendons but He didn't allow it. Jesus said that Regino's wound would be healed. Now, (a month later) Regino is fine and says that he has also been healed of the diabetes. 

Well thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. 


In His Service, 

Doug, Veronica, James, & baby Ana

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