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Greetings! Last month while I was in Colombia everything went great. I will be looking forward to going back next month. We were able to install the radio station, which is 93.3 FM. It encompasses a vast area. While in Colombia we realized that there were hardly any radio stations. The few that were there, were made from homemade FM radio transmitters, which are not good quality and don't have good range. Our station is the best sounding station with the farthest signal in the area! Now, when I preach my live message, I transmit in my 5 FM radio stations in Venezuela, and the1 radio station in Colombia. The radio station in Colombia can be heard in four different towns that encompass the area.


     Not only did we put up the radio station, but I also bought the house opposite the radio station to use as a church building. We're going to modify the house, take out the rooms, and make one large auditorium. If we must expand into the backyard, we can also do that. We will now have our own church building. We were meeting before in an open-air community hall, but lately they put a few new bars around that area and with the loud music it’s been hard to preach on Sunday mornings. Besides setting up the radio station in Colombia, I preached and had evangelistic services.


     The radio transmitter and an important cable which couldn't be found when we looked in Colombia was purchased and taken through the mountains of Venezuela over to the Colombian side. Like I said in my last newsletter because you must travel through many checkpoints on the Venezuelan side, the Venezuelan national guard checks everything so if they see anything that is worth any monetary amount, they tend to want a bribe to let it go through or they will confiscate it. Venancio and Rafael took the radio transmitter and the cable through the mountains to meet with us in Colombia. They arrived a few days late due to the rivers flooding in the mountains. Sadly, on the way back, because of the rain and difficulties, one of the mules fell off a cliff and died.


     One of my friends who works with me also went to Colombia to have surgery because he was going blind. If he hadn't gotten the surgery at that time, he would have lost his eyesight in both eyes. It was a time sensitive thing. I was able to pay for that surgery. The same surgery in Venezuela was three times more expensive. If I understand it right, his retinas became unattached to where they belong, and they had to put them back in place in both eyes. So, he is incredibly happy with his new eyesight!


     We are continually evangelizing and discipling Indian tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. After my monthly Bible School, I pay and send out usually four or five groups of Indian leaders to travel to and preach at the different tribes. Last month after the monthly Bible School I was able to send out four groups of my Indian leaders. We are also building new churches for the mountain tribes and rebuilding other churches that are old ones that we built years ago. We just finished building a church for the Kasmera tribe and next week we are starting to rebuild a church for the Kampa mountain Indian tribe.




     There is a testimony which I would like to share that happened lately at a tribe called Shatrey, with an indigenous leader named Edixon Yotochi. He is the church’s pastor at this tribe. It takes about a 6-hour hike up the mountain to arrive at the tribe where he lives. He shared how he had a dream where he saw three angels of God. He calculated that they were all about 7 ft tall. They were dressed in white and he said their hair was a golden color.


     When Edixon saw the angels, he was in shock; he didn't say anything, waiting for the angels to speak. Edixon said, "They came close to where I was and one of them said, 'Listen to me' and he told me to look up. When I looked up, I saw a river of living water that came from above. The other angel said, ‘Look here’ and I saw the streets of gold in heaven. The last angel told me, ‘Now look there’ - pointing in another direction and I saw millions of angels worshiping God, lifting hands, and singing spiritual songs of praise. They continually praised God. I saw that all their hands were raised and pointed at the same direction and when I looked in that direction, I saw God sitting on the throne.


     In my dream I asked the angels what was going on and where was I? The angel responded and said, ‘Right now you're in the spiritual realm; therefore, you are seeing millions of angels worshiping the almighty God.’ The Angels also showed me around the celestial City of heaven. Then after that I woke up and shared with my wife and with the tribe of the dream that I had.”


     Well thank you so much for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work here possible. In His Service, Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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