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June 2021 Newsletter


Greetings!  Normally I would say “greetings from Colombia” but during May, Colombia has doubled down quite a bit on the quarantine (at least at the places I go to.)  They haven’t even allowed the bars to open, which is something never seen before. Because so many people go to the church, we weren’t able to have the services with everyone during most of the month. (In Venezuela, though we can still have church.) In Colombia this month, those in charge (Pastor Willian and his wife Nevis), had to depend on the house meetings. They would meet at the back yards to not attract attention. I decided to postpone the trip and go once we are allowed to meet openly and there aren’t so many restrictions.   I am planning to go during June, Lord willing and if it is open, to preach at my different churches in Repelon and Riohacha, at cell meetings, and at Bible study meetings.    


This May I had my Indian Bible School at the Marewa tribe, where Venancio lives. It went wonderful. Then a week later I made 4 teams of Indians to go to the different mountain tribes to preach. They went to many far away tribes to evangelize and disciple. They stayed for almost 3 weeks preaching, and they just came back.  


I was informed that the Indians in the far away mountain tribes can listen to my sermons on my radio stations. They informed me that for our next Bible School I can just announce it over the radio and those with battery radios will inform the others for the meeting dates! Some tune in everyday at 8 a.m. when I go live. I am planning to get more solar radios for the far away tribes that don’t have electricity. Once we move the radio station (in the beginning of June) to the main church in Machiques Venezuela, it will be at a higher place in town, thus reaching more people. Then we are also adding antennas so that it will reach even farther. I plan in the middle of June to have an Indian preacher come to our radio station in town to preach in the Juppa language at a certain time a few times each week.   


This month I am looking into starting a new radio station in the city of Maracaibo. I have the place- it would be the area where it’s the highest in the city. I have a pastor friend who is helping me with the plans. I bought a very powerful transmitter. I am just waiting for it to arrive from Indonesia. This will be a miracle if we are able to put a station here because we would be able to reach many, many people with the gospel. I would be able to therefore preach live at 4 radio stations. I have 2 radio stations, but there is a radio station in a place called “Merida” which is far away from where I have my radio stations. It’s high up in a different mountain range and reaches a different area with the gospel. The owner heard my daily preachings and he asked to put me live on his radio station, which has been a blessing. The other 2 radio stations that I have are incredibly effective. I love that I can preach multiple times a day live through the stations.  It’s so amazing how much technology has increased and helped with the spread of the gospel.


My churches in Venezuela have been going well. We have been in the process for a while of starting another church (the 3rd church in Venezuela). It has been somewhat difficult between the great gasoline shortage and the quarantine. Sometimes on the black-market people can find gasoline but it’s over $10 a gallon. Because I bought them a motorcycle a few months ago they are able to travel to the other town to preach.  The motorcycle uses a minimal amount of gasoline and they have been able to find small amounts.   


I bought another one of my pastors a bicycle. He has the ministry truck, which was bought about a year and a half ago, but because gasoline is nearly impossible to find in big quantities and because it would be too expensive to fill up the ministry truck, I bought him a bike to run errands for the ministry, which is a daily job.  


There is a testimony I want to share about an Indian woman named Rosalinda Aki. She shared a dream. She dreamed about a man named Rafael Pinto, and an Indian woman named Carmen Shape.   Rafael Pinto lived at the Marewa tribe. When I would go there I would evangelize him but he would always say he didn’t believe in God. He made a living in the tribe by fetching people water at a spring located about 20 minutes from the Marewa tribe. He would use a 5-gallon bucket and the people would give him food for doing so. He was old but strong to be able to carry water all day from the far distance.  

      In the dream, Rosalina saw that these two people were in hell. In hell they both still were suffering from the disease that killed them.   Rosalinda said that there was a great angel with her.  The angel said, “His name is Rafael Pinto, and her name is Carmen Shape.”   Rosalina went on to say, “In the dream I was able to see those two people because a big screen was before me and I could see them in it. Then, the angel took me to a pathway that led toward the gates of heaven. The pathway was bright like it was made of light.  I heard a voice that said, ‘Daughter, you must listen to the words of the pastors who preach at the church.’” She said she thinks that it was God’s voice. The voice then told her to go to the church in Marewa because there she could find salvation.”  After that dream she and her family accepted Christ in their hearts and are faithfully going to church at the Marewa tribe.


Well, I want to thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.   God bless you.


                                                                                                                                                    In His service,

                                                                                                                                                    Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana  

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