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Dear friend,

Greetings!  Even with quarantine the Word of God is going out like never before. With all churches shut down and internet access so limited in Venezuela, the radio station has turned out to be the best tool for getting the Word out. I have 5 live messages through the radio, Monday-Friday, then Sunday morning church service, Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon services. For the church services at the different churches that I have, the people can “assemble together” through the radio. I usually preach live between 9 and 10 times a week.  Also, I am regularly on 2 other radio stations- my father-in-law's, and a radio station in the town of Riohacha, Colombia.  

This past month, the Indians have been having all-night church services almost every Friday night. They usually have it at a tribe that is central to the surrounding Indian tribes, and all the believers in that area attend. I always have a message for them for their all-night service. They show me through the video projector. Also, I started making videos for another type of Indian in the Colombian desert. My friend Willian is there. He got stuck there a few months ago when trying to arrive in his hometown in Colombia. The quarantine made all who were traveling through to lock down, even if they didn’t have a place to stay. Willian found a church and starting working with them. Now he is traveling to the Indian tribes in the desert of North-East Colombia. He said to get to the one place where he is ministering, it’s a 2-hour motorcycle trip through the desert trails. I am planning to go there once I am allowed to travel to Colombia. I started to print out and bind the New Testament in their language. I will also take other Christian material to give out to the Indians. Also, there are many communities around there, so we will be walking to the communities on foot. So lately I have been jogging a little to try to get into shape. The heat itself makes for difficult walking in the desert. They don’t have electricity so hopefully it won’t be too hot at night. I will probably stay there for a week and a half and then preach at the different churches in some different cities and towns. So, hopefully it won’t be too much longer until travel is permitted to go to Colombia.  

There is a testimony I would like to share. At a mountain tribe in Venezuela an Indian named Luis Sinotiashi shared a testimony during an all-night service. Luis is from a tribe called Shirapta. He said “I want to share why I gave my life to Christ. I was not a Christian at the time. I was only a hearer of the Word. I had been going to the church service at the tribe. One night I had a dream and, in the dream, I saw a man (Jesus) who had very bright white clothes on.  Jesus said, ‘The time is at hand, the signs in the Word of God are happening. I want to tell you something in my Word. Listen to what I have to say to you.   The prophecy of my coming is being fulfilled everyday but the world ignores it and science ignores it. You must repent of your sins, or you will perish like many in the world perish daily to eternal destruction. What is happening in the world in these last days is famine, war, earthquakes, sickness and disease. This is shaking the whole world.’ Jesus went on to say, ‘You must repent of your sins, with your whole family.’  That is why today my family and I have all repented and now believe. We all go to church regularly, and believe the gospel.”  

Once quarantine is up in Venezuela, I have plans to start a new radio station in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. I have a lot of the equipment for it and I know the person who can administer it well. With the new radio station, the Word can get out to even more people. We are believing God for a lot of fruit. 

  I want to thank all who pray and support the ministry. Your prayers and support are touching many lives in Venezuela and Colombia.

                                                                                 In His Service,

                                                                                 Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana

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