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Dear friend,

Greetings! I hope you are doing well. This past month, we held our Bible School at the indigenous tribe of Cherepta. (Every month we are changing the Bible school to new tribes, so we can disciple more and different Indigenous people). We had my radio station broadcast throughout the mountain region telling about our Bible School so many Indians were aware of it and many came! It went incredibly well, and it was great seeing the Indians so passionate for God and His Word!

I wanted to share with you some encouraging news that I recently received. A while ago, I set up a radio station in the city of Barinaswas to extend my daily preachings to a broader audience. Little did I know that the reach of these broadcasts would surpass the local limits of our own station. A few weeks ago, I found out that my preachings have been picked up by two other radio stations in the city. These station owners, whom I do not personally know, liked the preaching and are playing my daily messages on their radio stations. One of these stations is a Christian station, while the other is secular. The secular one is the most popular radio station in the city. With my other radio stations, the Word of God is being broadcasted all over Venezuela. 

Our radio station team (we have 8 FM stations in various states and cities in Venezuela and Colombia) has also shared that our audience is growing for our daily broadcasts. People are not just passively listening but are actively engaging with our messages. They write in with questions, seeking guidance and clarity, and they share their prayer requests, asking for our spiritual support on the radio station’s phone. I like when the people call or write in. It reminds us that we are sharing the gospel with people who have their own unique struggles and joys and we can directly impact their lives with our messages of hope. 

     Establishing these radio stations has been a considerable investment. However, we see this as an integral part of fulfilling our mission, the great commission - to preach the gospel to all corners of the world, particularly in these end times. Even though it’s costly, these stations are having a powerful impact, and I firmly believe that the resources committed to this project are bringing about great spiritual growth and glory to God.

We are having remarkable results with our mission of teaching and sending out Indian leaders into their communities. We're not only sending them to evangelize and disciple but we send them with solar-powered radios to give to the mountain Indian tribes so they can hear preaching throughout the day and into the night from our radio station that broadcasts in their language. 

     The indigenous people deeply value this radio outreach. My Indian leaders travel to the radio station at the Marewa tribe and take turns preaching in their language. They are very dedicated to preaching God’s Word, One of my Indian leaders, Simon Sashirko, is blind and he walks 7 hours from his tribe to the Marawa tribe to preach on the radio! The radio has become a beacon of hope and guidance, extending our reach and impact on a daily basis to the faraway mountain Indian tribes.

This past month, we had our 12th women’s retreat – “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation.” This has proven to be a powerful outreach for our ministry. The impact of these retreats on the women’s lives is truly transformative. The ripple effect of this transformation extends beyond the individual, reshaping entire households. These all-day free retreats provide an immersive experience- a day dedicated to introspection, learning, and spiritual growth. At the retreat, along with other materials, we give each woman a Bible and my mother’s 224-page book- “Dancing in Fields of Grace.” It’s an interactive journal book filled with Scripture, teachings, stories and paintings so they can continue their journey with God when the retreat is over. The teachings, stories, and illustrations not only bring enlightenment but also, in many cases, lead these women to Christ and then help them mature and grow spiritually in their walk with God.

     The preparation process of using my mother’s book as the retreat’s resource is quite labor-intensive, as I print, cut, and bind each book. The format is not your standard print as it's filled with beautiful paintings and the pages are larger than average so a large amount of ink is involved in the printing. Despite the effort and resources required, the vibrant, large pages draw them in, and the content leaves a lasting impact. I also buy 100 Bibles to distribute during the retreats. Of course, the Bibles are the greatest thing we can give them to continue their spiritual journey with the Lord after their experience at the retreat.

I wanted to end my newsletter with a testimony from Olili Akis. She is a 13-year-old girl from the Marewa tribe. She had a dream with the sky opening and angels with trumpets. She said there were many angels dressed in white descending. All of them were wearing the same clothes, and in the midst of all the angels was Jesus. She couldn't see Jesus very well due to the light that shone from Him. Jesus wore a garment whiter than that of the angels. She heard Jesus say, "Be ready, for the time is near." One angel had a Book where the names of every person who is saved is written. She saw the book opened, and the names of her family were there, and others from her church, she saw their names written there also.  In her dream, someone spoke behind her and he pointed to a man whose name was not written in the Book, and that man went towards the darkness. She was scared by what she saw, as the man fell into a pit of darkness. She was so frightened that she couldn't look there anymore. The angel said not to be afraid because he was with her.


In this newsletter I am putting QR codes for those who want to use these codes to support our ministry or visit my website So below, you will find various QR codes corresponding to different platforms: my website, Rhema (for tax-deductible donations), PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. To use these, simply open the camera on your smartphone or tablet, and scan the desired QR code. You will then be instantly redirected to the corresponding platform. 



Well thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In His Service, Doug, Veronica, James and Ana

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