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Doug Dennis Ministries

July 2022 Newsletter


Dear friend,

     Greetings! I pray that all is well with you. I want to say a big “thank you,” like always, to those who pray and financially support the ministry. With your help we are getting the Word to many people through the FM radio stations, the churches, and through evangelizing and discipling the many indigenous tribes in Venezuela and Colombia.


     This month I will be going to Colombia, Lord willing. While in Colombia I will preach at my church and at other churches. I plan to preach three times a day at the radio station. I am believing for God’s will to be done on this trip. While preaching at my Colombian radio station I can also transmit to my other five FM radio stations in Venezuela. That way I won’t miss a beat, but will actually preach more.


     This month I had an activity with the indigenous people in the tribe of Tokuko. There were water baptisms and the Word was studied and preached all day.


     We started making a new church temple at a place near the Taremo tribe. The tribe’s name in English would be “Jesus Christ the Nazarite.” It is a temple for a group of Christian families that live there. They told us they will have church service every night!


     In Venezuela this month, we had another women’s retreat, “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation.” Many women attended the retreat and lives were

changed. The retreat is just the beginning though, because we give each woman a Bible and other materials designed for them to continue on their Journey for a closer, more intimate walk with God.


     I am buying another chainsaw for building the new Indian church temples. After making so many church temples, our Stihl chainsaw broke and we need another, more reliable one. We will get it fixed but it’s always good to have one working well since the places we construct the churches are so far away. To take the chainsaw to the site of the new church we are building is a two-day walk. It would be terrible to hike two days, only for the chainsaw not to work.


     One night on the news I read that many indigenous people are getting hepatitis - their eyes turn yellow. Then the next day Venancio told me that he had to take his daughter to the doctor because of her yellow eyes. I told him that it was possibly the hepatitis which I read about. After the doctor visit, he confirmed that it was hepatitis. So this past month I have had to buy a lot of medicine for many people because for some reason so many have been getting sick in the mountains.


     I have a testimony from an Indian named Esteban. Esteban is an Indian Pastor at the Taremo tribe. Esteban has had some health issues. In his testimony, he shared a dream he had. Esteban said, “In the dream I saw two angels. The angels had long white robes on. The one angel said, ‘You still have life ahead of you and you must preach the Word to other tribes also.’ The angel then said ‘God is with you. You have passed through many tests and have been strong.’ In the dream, the angel then showed him a vision of the world and the angel said, ‘The world is cursed because of sin and evil. This evil must take place. This is the prophecy and the signs that have to happen; but don’t fear, I will be with you.’”


     Well thank you again for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you!


In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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