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Doug Dennis Ministries July 2021 Newsletter Greetings! I want to say a big “thank-you” to all who give and pray for the ministry. It is by your prayers and giving that we are reaching many people to Christ. I hope you are well. We are doing good here. Later this month of July I am traveling to Colombia to preach the Word in different places. I would like to share a testimony about an Indian named Antonio. Antonio changed the name of his Indian tribe to “Camino a Damasco” (“Road to Damascus.“) This is his story: Antonio was a non-believer. An Indian believer named Alexis would visit him and tell him about Jesus but Antonio constantly rejected and refused to believe the gospel. Early one morning, Antonio was raking his yard. (They make a rake out of bushes and then they maintain the yard without grass or weeds by raking it everyday. They do this to keep the snakes and critters away and also they think it looks better.) While raking he found a small New Testament on the ground. He opened it up, and the first thing he saw and read was where Jesus said : …“Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting me. And anyone who rejects you is rejecting me. And anyone who rejects me is rejecting God, who sent me.” Luke 10:16 NLT Antonio said that he couldn’t stop thinking about what the words of Jesus said. He said the whole day he was thinking about it. Antonio said, “I wasn’t rejecting Alexis but Jesus. I wasn’t rejecting Alexis’ words but Jesus’ words. That night Antonio had a dream. The dream seemed real to him and, in the dream, Jesus spoke to him. He heard the words. “I have sent to you my worker, who preaches my Word. You haven’t rejected him, you have rejected Me and My Word. Not only that but you have rejected My Father.” Antonio woke up very early, scared because of the dream. Alexis stopped over at Antonio’s hut in the morning (he would preach often to him.) Antonio told Alexis the dream and said he wanted to accept Jesus in his heart. Because Antonio now believed in Jesus, he stopped believing in carved images. He had a carved image of plaster on a shelf on the wall of his hut. One morning he left to go to his land on the mountain side. While he was there he prayed. He told God that he didn’t want that carved image made of plaster in his house but he didn’t know what to do because his wife esteemed it as important. That day after praying he went back to his hut. He greeted his wife upon entering the hut. When he did the plaster image fell to the ground without anyone touching it. It broke upon hitting the floor. After that happened Antonio explained to his wife that he had prayed, and that they should no longer believe in saints or in images. She agreed and then accepted Christ in her heart also. Antonio has started to preach the Word at his tribe and at other Indian tribes. And like I said at the beginning, he changed the name of his tribe after his encounter with God! This past month I was able to buy a vehicle for the ministry in Colombia. While in Colombia last month, I realized that many people wanted to attend church but with the motorcycle-car (it’s between a motorcycle and a car) Willian, an overseer at the church, who helps pastoring, had to spend hours picking up and taking people to the towns nearby who wanted to attend service. He has to do that every Sunday which can be exhausting after a while. The motorcycle car only fits a few people whereas a truck obviously is more practical and makes the process a lot easier and quicker. So now more people can attend my church in Repelon, Colombia. It will be great, this month when I’m in Colombia. I will be in Repelon, Riohacha and San Pablo where I will be preaching at my church and other churches. I will then go to Valledupar where I am looking forward to meeting up with Venancio and other of my Indian leaders. They will make the long week trek through the mountains preaching and then they are going to meet with me in Valledpar, Colombia. They will be coming down from the mountains to get some food and essentials before returning to Venezuela. So before they return to Venezuela, we will meet for a day or so there. After our time together I will go back again to my church in Repelon where I will preach there and at the different house meetings. Venancio, my main Indian leader is currently translating the book of Proverbs. I made the Indians many new Bibles in their language lately. Within a few months, I will add the book of Proverbs to the New Testaments that I make them. This last month I was able to have my monthly Bible school with the indigenous people. Like always it was an amazing time. I can preach directly at the tribe and also have that message be preached to the churches through the radio stations at the same time. It’s amazing how far technology has come along. I finally got the latest FM radio transmitter 1000 watts from Indonesia. It's the same transmitter that I bought for the last radio station. We have the radio station place in the city of Maracaibo, and are working to be able to start up asap on the station. Probably before August it will be finished. Last month we were able to move the one radio station to the church. With this new higher location and the addition of more antennas to the radio tower, I believe that now it will be able to broadcast to even the very highest mountain Indian tribesin Venezuela, and also to some that are in Colombia! I’m making a schedule for different Indian leaders during the week to preach in their indigenous language so that all who have access to either a solar or a battery radio can tune into the preachings. Sadly, last month one of my Indian leaders named Lino, from the Yurumutu tribe, died. Please pray for his family. A few weeks before my Bible School which he attends, Lino travelled to an Indian tribe, about a day’s walk, to visit family. When he went to go back to his tribe , the river had flooded and he got swept away in the dangerous current and drowned. A few months ago he had travelled with Venancio to preach at the mountains tribes in Colombia. Great is his reward. Well once again I wanted to say a very big thank you to all those who pray and financially support this ministry. We are touching many lives together. In His Service, Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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