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Doug Dennis Ministries

July 2020 newsletter



Dear friend,

Greetings! I hope all is well with you. Different things have happened this past month in Venezuela. The country has been a long time in quarantine. One of the problems in western Venezuela is the lack of energy. The electricity is turned off many hours every day. Because it is so hot there, it is a problem. Then for months there wasn’t any gasoline in the whole country. Lately Venezuela imported gasoline from Iran, but it’s still difficult to find. Good things are happening though too. We are able to reach the people with the gospel over the radio since the average person doesn’t have internet. Another good thing is that I purchased a house in an area where I have a group of believers. The building is basically one very big room. We will do some remodeling and make it into a church. When the quarantine is over, the group of believers will have church services here.

With the quarantine, like in many places in the world, it’s hard to produce any money. It’s especially hard in Venezuela. For many pastors it’s especially difficult because, since the people can’t congregate, they don’t receive any income. My ministry is helping support these pastors. Last month we gave them more than our usual support since times got even tougher for them.

I have been busy preaching about 10 times a week. I have been preaching live on 3 radio stations at least once a day (on 3 days I preach twice a day) One of the stations is mine, one is my fathers-in-law (both in Venezuela) and one is in Colombia. I will help the one in Colombia once I go there in September (That is the time when Colombia is supposed to be opening for international travel). I am giving them a radio transmitter which they are in need of. Also, once the quarantine is over, I am planning to start a new radio station in the city of Maracaibo. My goal is to keep starting new churches and radio stations.

This month I was able to send out some teams of my Indian leaders into the mountains to preach the gospel. They are evangelizing and discipling the mountain tribes in Venezuela, and they are also taking the gospel to the tribes in the mountains of Colombia.

I have been making New Testament Bibles for the Indian communities that I am planning to minister to in Colombia. These Indian communities are in the desert. Their language is Wuyuu. A few years ago, a Bible was translated into their language, and I am currently making them so I can hand them out when I go to these tribes.

I would like to share a testimony from one of the Indians who lives in the mountains of Venezuela. The Indian’s name is Reinaldo. He lives in Tokuko, one of the mountain tribes we minister to. He had a dream which he tells about: “I saw heaven open and there were two angels with swords. One told me, ‘The return of Jesus is soon. The trumpet is about to sound, first the dead in Christ will be risen, and after those that remain.’ I saw the churches who weren’t walking with Christ remain on earth and they were not raptured away. (Half of the virgins stayed because they weren’t prepared.) After the angel said this to me, I went up with the angels. I saw different Christians who were not raptured, but stayed because they were not walking with Christ upon His return. Many screamed, ‘Why did we not go?’ and the angel told me, ‘because they turned their backs on Christ.’ I saw fire from heaven fall and it consumed many people. The earth opened up and they fell into hell. Then we arrived to where Jesus was. As we looked toward the earth, we were able to see the reign of the Antichrist. Those who didn’t receive the mark of the beast were beheaded. The people in heaven could see what was happening on earth, but it wasn’t the same as in the past. The way people would buy, the way they farm, everything was different. In heaven all the people were praising the Lord. Then I woke up. I saw a bright light and then it went away.”

 Well I want to thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                                                            In His Service,

                                                                                            Doug, Veronica, James and Ana

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