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July 2018 Newsletter 

Doug Dennis Ministries     –  July 2018 newsletter


Dear friend,

           Greetings!    We are doing well. This month I have been printing out a lot of books. I also started to print out the New Testament Bible in the Indian language. I made about 50 copies of the book of John. This will be the homework at my Bible school for my Indian leaders for the month of July.   They will finish reading the book of John in their Indian dialect. Then for next month I will print out another book of the New Testament in their language for them to study. 

          This month after my Bible school I sent out three groups of my Indian leaders to preach in the different tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. I sent one group made up of 6 Indian leaders to a new tribe in Colombia. It will take anywhere from 3-5 days to walk to this new tribe. I bought them a tarp for the trip. There are no huts along the way (at least not many) and they need a tarp for protection from the rain because they will have to sleep on the pathway, or they will have to clear with their machetes a place where they can sleep for the night.    

          My goal is to see if the tribe ever heard the gospel and if anyone else is preaching there. My leaders will preach the gospel and if they already know about Jesus, they will disciple them. Normally, I send out teams made up of 2 or 3 Indian leaders, but because this tribe is so far and we have never been there, I decided to send more leaders to make the trip easier. There is a lot of work involved (packing the mule, fixing the weight distribution of the things packed on the mule during the hike, cooking, putting together a campsite, preaching, inviting the Indians from the surrounding area to attend services, etc.) I will let you know once they come back how the trip went. 

           I would like to share a testimony about a Yukpa Indian woman.    Her name is Ramona and she lives at the Wapya Indian tribe in the mountains of Venezuela. The tribe is located high in the mountains, more than 5000 feet high (about 1 mile high). It takes many hours of hiking to get there.

           Ramona has been a believer for many years. Ramona became very ill.   Many Indians here are ill due to the harsh conditions which they are subject to being that they live so far from civilization.    In the mountain tribes they have many mosquitos, contaminated water, infections, bugs, poisonous animals etc.   Many can’t just go to the doctor when they are ill because of the distance walking to get there. They can’t make the trek down the mountains. Even if they could come down from the mountains, they would have to pay for transportation to get to the town, and almost no one would have money to do that. The only thing they might be able to do is barter with their crops for their transportation cost.

          Ramona was so sick that she was confined to laying down on a reed mat. They don’t have beds at the far tribes. The majority make a mat of a certain reed and lay it on the dirt floor. Due to her sickness she had no appetite.    She couldn’t get up because of weakness and paralysis from the disease and it intensified every day.    After 3 weeks of being in this condition, she had a dream which she shared in the following way: “During my dream I heard a voice that told me to get up and pray. I immediately got up (she was paralyzed but in her dream she got up) and I started to pray. While praying in my dream I saw a vision where I saw a white cloud. I felt like I was being pulled up to a very high place. Then there before me I saw 2 gateways. As soon as I saw the 2 gateways, one of the 2 doors opened and a voice said to me, ‘This place is for the unbelieving, those who do not believe my Word.’ As I looked inside I heard the screams of many people desperately crying out- some were pleading for water. I saw worms eating away at people. I understood that the place that I saw was the place I had read about in the Bible called hell. Someone came running at me as fast as possible but the door closed and another door was opened. When I looked in the door that opened I realized that it was the kingdom of heaven. After gazing in wonder at what I saw, I heard a voice that told me, ‘You are healed of your disease, but it is not time for you to enter here in the kingdom of heaven yet.’    As soon as I woke up I realized that I no longer had any pain in my body.” As she shared her testimony (a few days after it happened) you could see that she was perfectly healed and whole physically. 

           This month I bought a used motorcycle to help my worker who gets my ministry food to get around town.    Because of the economic situation in Venezuela it is difficult to find food.    I need food for my Bible school, for the teams of Indians that I send to the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia, and to distribute after church services. It takes my worker weeks to find many basic staple food items and medicines (malaria medicine, antibiotics, etc.)    For example the main grocery store in one town had no food at all.    So my worker has to go from town to town trying to find enough food for all of our ministries.     

             Well thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.    That makes all of our work possible. If anyone would like to receive the newsletter through the internet also, you can write me @ and I will add you to my newsletter list that I send through the internet. There I am able to send more pictures and links. 


                                                                                               In His Service,

                                                                                               Doug, veronica, James & baby Ana

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