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Happy New Year! I hope this new year will be a blessing for you. Like always, I want to thank all who support and pray for the ministry. It is a blessing that so many people care so much about the Indians and people of Venezuela and Colombia. We saw great fruit last year. Last year I was able to start 4 new radio stations! I still can’t get over how much technology has changed so many things, and how the Word of God is getting out in a powerful way.


At the beginning of December, I had my monthly Bible School with the Indian leaders. It went great like always. There were some who couldn’t come down to the Indian tribe of Marewa, and therefore for them, and all the other believers and non-believers who listen to the Indian radio station, we broadcasted the messages live over the radio!

During the Bible School I gave away the radios to be distributed to the far away tribes. I found out from my Indian leaders that go to Colombia that the Indian radio station reaches the super far away mountain tribe in Colombia. So that was exciting to hear. I decided that for now, I would give 1 radio to the representative (pastor) of each tribe. They can put the solar radio inside the church (during the daytime) to hear the preachings. I was able to buy 20 more solar radios in Colombia. It is a radio that charges by solar (the far away tribes don’t have electricity, but they have a lot of sun). These radios are very loud so they work out great. After this month’s Bible School, I was able to send out 5 more groups of Indians to the mountain Indian tribes to preach the gospel.


We received the new radio transmitter. It is1000 watts. We will be installing the new FM radio station at the city of Punto Fijo, Venezuela. So now I will have 5 radio stations in Venezuela. This new year, I want to start up 1 radio station in Colombia (where I have my church in Repelon) and I want to start up at least 2 more radio stations in Venezuela. For the Colombian radio station, I plan to start it this month. I have an extra transmitter but it is big. Venancio will transport it through the mountains of Venezuela and take it to Colombia, where we will meet up. We will then take the transmitter to the town where I have my church. Diomedes, my other Venezuelan leader, will install everything. I feel that this radio station in Colombia is going to be of vital importance for the church there.


This month I will be looking forward to preaching at my church and other churches in Colombia. I give spiritual covering to a few churches in Colombia and I am planning to preach at those churches also.


This month, like every month, I helped the poor people in Venezuela with food. Those who go to my churches in Venezuela I buy them food, plus on Sundays we have soup after church for everybody.


This month, we are planning to open a new church in Venezuela at a town called “San Jose.” I will let everyone know when we start.


I have an Indian testimony that I would like to share with you:


This testimony is from an Indian woman named Adelia. She is a born-again believer from the mountain tribe called Neremu. She had a supernatural experience that God gave her for 7 days. After she gave birth in her tribe, she lost a lot of blood. She kept bleeding for a month. The Indians finally decided to take her from their tribe to the hospital in Maracaibo. When she arrived she was already in a coma. While she was in the coma, she said angels came to her, and took her to heaven. This took place the last 7 days that she was in the hospital. She said, “Two angels took me to heaven. Heaven was very, very big. I saw those who had died in Christ- they were a great multitude that couldn’t be counted. They were all glorifying God and worshiping Him. God was sitting on the throne, and they sang heavenly songs.


Angels were lined up, waiting with trumpets for the day of Christ. The angel said, ‘This is the divine place of heaven, which God has ready for the saints.’ He said, ‘God’s people must be prepared and ready because the time is close - see the angels that have the trumpets ready? That is because they have to play them at the necessary time. Only God knows the time, but you must be ready. Therefore, you must see all these revelations which I will show you.’


After these things, I saw another place. The angels here had swords. The angel said, ‘These angels are warrior angels that protect the sons of God, fighting daily for the ones who fight to promote the gospel.’ These angels had big wings, were dressed in white, and had swords of fire. The angel said, ‘Don’t fear, for God is with His people. I must show you more.’


I also saw a huge city, with many incredible houses. It was as if they were of gold. The streets were of gold and precious stones. Even the flowers sang to God. There were rivers that came from above, and many other things that are hard to describe because it’s different in heaven than here.


Then the angel said, ‘Come, I must show you more. Don’t fear.’ The angel said, “Now you will hear a voice from above that all must hear.’ And I heard a voice that said, ‘My little children, don’t fear, I AM the first and the last.’ The voice came from the throne of God. The whole heaven heard it.


The angel said, ‘You must testify of this when on earth. But now, you are going to see the place not created for man, but for the devil, and for those who follow him, and his ways, which is hell, the place of torment.’ Then I saw men and women, who died, of all ages, burning and had no place of escape or rest. Huge flames engulfed them, and all who were in hell.


While seeing this I saw an Indian man that I knew. His name was Arebaro. He had died about 10 years ago. He was there. I saw him. It was obvious to me that it was him- I have no doubt. The angel said, ‘Tell this message to the people of God, that heaven and hell are both real.’”

That was the experience that the Indian woman Adelia had. She was pronounced dead and they took her to the morgue. But then, once there, they realized that she must have come back, and they took her back to the hospital. God had healed her and she now testifies for God…

Well, thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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