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Doug Dennis Ministries

January 2021


Newsletter Greetings! I would like to start out by saying a big thank you to all who pray and support the ministry. I would also like to wish you a very blessed new year! This past month things have been awesome! What’s so awesome is that not only can I preach live on both radio stations and in my three churches in Venezuela but now, thanks to technology, I can also preach live at the new Colombian Church that we started. I will be going to Colombia this month. I am going to stay for most of the time at my new church that I started at the town of Repelon in Colombia. Also, I plan to preach in a house meeting that we started in Barranquilla. Also, while in Colombia, I will be preaching in San Pablo and Villa Rosa. I will be having evangelistic services and meetings with the believers. I enclosed a photo of the first service that we started last week in Repelon. Through the video projector, I was able to preach to our new congregation. I am also preaching at the faraway mountain tribes via videos. I have my different Indian leaders take the preaching videos to the tribes and with a generator and projector, they show the videos and have church services with the mountain Indians. (The mules carry the generator, projector and supplies to the faraway tribes. I am buying a new mule so my Indian leaders can evangelize and disciple more mountain tribes.) I enclosed a photo of the all-night church service that my Indian leader, Rafael, had with the mountain Indians. So besides this, I always preach at the Venezuelan churches and at my 2 radio stations, and now, I have started to preach live at the Colombian church. I believe that I will be able to keep on branching out further and further as the time goes on. If possible, I would like to start a radio station in the town of Repelon. I will keep you updated on that. Willian, who I added to my preaching teams, has been able to secure a free place where we can preach in the town and also he started a house meeting in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. I pay Willian to oversee the church and house meeting and to be a pastor for the people. He puts me on the big screen with the video projector at Repelon and then later in the week, he takes my preaching to the house meeting in Barranquilla. I preach an average of 8 times a week. Monday – Friday 8am on the radio stations, Wednesday and Friday evening church services, and Sunday morning church service. This week, Venancio, my main Indian leader, is having a big church service which he hosts every year with the Indian tribes. It is a three-day event. Indians from many tribes will attend. Then after that he is going back to the tribes in Colombia that we were finally able to evangelize last month. (Those were the group of tribes that have never heard the gospel. We tried different times but were never allowed to go in that area to evangelize. But last month, the Indian chief gave Venancio and my other leaders permission to go into the area and share the gospel with these tribes.) Venancio says that there are many other tribes in the area that haven’t heard the gospel, so this month he plans to stay longer so he can evangelize more tribes. I will have less Indian leaders go on this trip so that the food doesn’t run out so fast. (The mules can carry only so much food and supplies.) It’s a 6-day hike to get there. Pray that many will hear the gospel and turn to Christ on this trip. There is a testimony that an Indian believer shared with Venancio when they were hiking to the Colombian tribes last month to preach the gospel. The Indian’s name is Francisco Herapshi. He said that he was very sick at his secluded hut in the mountains. He said that it was worse than malaria, but it wasn’t malaria. He doesn’t know what it was. He said that he was so weak that he could not get up. He thought that he was dying, therefore he gave his good-byes to his family. Then the next day, someone dressed in white, was at the entrance of his hut. He asked Francisco how he was. Francisco replied that he was very sick and hurting. The “man” said, “I have come to heal you.” Francisco asked who he was and he said, “God sent me to heal your sickness.” Francisco thought it was a person that came to pray. After the prayer and upon saying good bye, Francisco looked and saw it was an angel. The angel had already started to ascend to heaven. Francisco stared at him until he disappeared out of sight. After the angel left Francisco was healed! Well, thank you again for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you. In His service, Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana

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