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January 2017

January 2017 

Doug Dennis Ministries

Greetings from Venezuela! We wish you a very happy and blessed New Year! 

This month I made and gave away 200 books. Books are very special to the Indians since most of them don’t have any. I bought 1,500 New Testaments and I am giving them away at the Indian tribes, churches, and at the crusades.

During December I had my monthly Bible school. There I preached and taught, finishing up our study on the The Art of Prayer by Kenneth Hagin. I also preached at 3 different churches, a cell meeting, live on the radio a couple times and I recorded radio messages for the 5 different radio stations that I preach on. 

In December I had meetings with my different Indian leaders. We made plans for the coming year to go to new tribes that are very far away in Colombia. This month I am sending out 3 groups of Indian leaders to evangelize new tribes and to disciple many tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. 

This month at my Bible school one of my leaders, Fredi, gave a testimony. He told how in a dream he saw his grandpa and his uncle who were both Christians. Their names were Joseito and Miki. They both had died about a year before. In the dream they had white robes on. In the dream they came to Fredi and they encouraged him to stay faithful and to preserver in the faith. They said that just as heaven is real, hell is real too. 

Fredi’s testimony brought back memories. I first preached to Josito and Miki about 15 years ago. We were walking through the mountains, going to the Taremo tribe which is a 16 hour hike. On our way to the tribe we saw their isolated huts in the middle of nowhere. (We were 4 hours before arriving at Taremo.) I went and shared the gospel with them. They had never heard the gospel and they were very receptive and received Jesus in their heart. After that, on our way to Taremo we would stop there and usually stay for two days, preaching both morning and night. They always remained faithful, and would eagerly listen to us when we would go there. So now they are with their Savior in heaven. 

As I look into the new year, I would like to go to the country of Guyana again and maybe start a work among the Indigenous people there also. Please keep this in your prayers. 

Well thank you for all your prayers and support during 2016. It made all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. During 2017 we would like to find new places that have never heard the gospel and “Go and make disciples.” God bless you!


In His service, 

Doug, Veronica, James, & baby Ana

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