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Doug Dennis Ministries   February 2021 Newsletter

        Greetings from Colombia! There is much to do here. I have the church in Repelon, and Willian (the pastor with his wife whom I pay to shepherd the church) have started more than 20 cell meetings (church meetings in a house) in different towns and cities. Because they travel so much preaching, I was able to buy them a used motorcycle so we can travel to the different towns and cities to preach. While here I try to visit as many places as possible and am busy night and day. When I’m not here ministering in person on Sundays, I minister through YouTube Live, through the video projector as I do with the other churches and both radio stations in Venezuela.

     Also this past month I was able to buy two new mules, a used motorcycle-car for my workers to use in our evangelism. One mule is for Venancio. We needed another mule for him to take to the far-away tribes in Colombia. And then my other Indian leader, Rafael, was in need of another mule since he ministers and evangelizes another group of Indian tribes in Venezuela. The motorcycle is for my worker who shepherds one of the churches in Machiques. He also shepherds our other church in another area called Las Piedras. With the pandemic, there hasn’t been transportation for almost a year. He was riding his bicycle because transportation is almost impossible lately since gasoline is very difficult to find in the whole country and the quarantine restricts public transportation. Even though gasoline is nearly impossible to find, because motorcycles use so little, they can find that small amount. It takes 4 hours round trip on his bicycle, whereas with the motorcycle it will take 20 minutes to get there. With the motorcycles, evangelism is possible in more areas.

      My radio stations, churches in the cities and in the tribes, are going great. The 2 radio stations that I own are a great tool for the gospel. I have said it before but most people in Venezuela don’t have the luxury to have good internet, but almost all people have access to a radio. And because a lot of radio stations have gone off-air due to equipment failure, we are one of the few radio stations and, in most places, the only Christian radio station. I feel that it’s the best tool for reaching the people with the gospel. I am praying to start another radio station in a different part of Venezuela soon, Lord willing.

     This past month I was also able to send Venancio on the trip to the tribes in Colombia. Once again, we are both in Colombia together, but far apart. I’m in the western part of Colombia; he is in the eastern part. He is preaching the gospel where just a month ago they were finally allowed by the Indian chief to evangelize in that area. Like I said in an earlier newsletter, the Indian chief that gave them permission said there have been Colombians who have asked to preach there but they (the tribes) declined, but now that Venancio brought with him a relative of a member of one of the tribes they want to evangelize, they gave permission. Venancio will also be preaching at new tribes in the area. Last time because so many Indians went with Venancio they couldn’t travel and preach to all the tribes in the area since they ran low on food. This time, there are fewer Indians traveling with Venancio therefore he will be able to travel and preach to more tribes. It’s a 6-day hike to arrive at the first tribe where he goes. I’ve enclosed a photo that Venancio took while on the last trip to Colombia.

   I want to share a testimony of an Indian woman named Maria Angelica Shape who is from the tribe of Marewa. She was sick in the hospital in the town of Machiques (where I have one of my radio stations and two churches.) Here is her testimony: Maria said she saw Jesus when she was hospitalized in Machiques. While she was in the hospital room sleeping, she said that she felt someone touch her head. She woke up, opened her eyes, and thought it was the doctor, who was dressed in white. When she looked it wasn’t the doctor but Jesus. Jesus had a white robe and light shown all around the room. Jesus said for her to go to Marewa, (the tribe where Venancio lives) so that the believers in Marewa would pray for her. Jesus told her she needed to go to Marewa so she could ask Him into her heart for the forgiveness of sins, and be baptized in water. Maria said, “I don’t have enough strength to climb up that hill to get to the tribe.” Jesus then said, “Don’t fear, I will give you the strength to hike up the hill.” Maria said. “Then I will go if you tell me to” and Jesus told her to go. Maria said that when Jesus said, “Yes, go,” He was leaving the hospital room through the door. While He was leaving, the doctors were coming in. They walked right past each other. Maria thought that they saw each other, but they didn’t. Maria went to Marewa and when there, she asked Jesus into her heart. The following Wednesday she was water baptized. Her sickness was related to an issue of blood. After water baptism, the blood flow stopped and she was healed!  Below is a picture of the day when she and other Indians were baptized.

     Well, thank you for your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Colombia and Venezuela possible. God bless you. 

                                                                     In His Service,

                                                  Doug, Veronica, James & Ana                                                                              

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