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February 2018 Newsletter

Dear friend,

Greetings! I have been very busy but love every minute of it! In the last 3 months I’ve preached over 

60 times in different churches, live on the radio, at the Bible School with the Indians, at cell meetings and at evangelistic outreaches. Many people have been saved and lives transformed. 

This past month went great. I had my monthly Bible School with the Indigenous people. It went very well. There were over 40 Indian leaders who attended the Bible School. At the Bible school, we started studying the book The Triumphant Church by brother Ken Hagin. The book is very extensive, so it will probably take 4 months to complete. During the Bible School we pray together, I and others preach/teach, and the bulk of the time we study the Bible and a book together. Usually the book is a brother Hagin book. Then at night I have a church service with the Indian leaders and with the Venezuelans/Colombians in the neighborhood. After the church service I usually show Christian movies with the video projector to my Indian leaders and the neighborhood Indians. They really love watching movies at night. 

After my Bible School, I sent out 3 groups of 4 of my Indian leaders to the mountain tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. I feel that It’s important to preach the gospel to all and convert the unbeliever. We try to find tribes that have never been evangelized. I also send out my Indian leaders to the tribes that we have evangelized and started churches at. We’ve started churches at about 40 mountain Indian tribes. Some of these tribes were evangelized at the beginning of my ministry. (This is my 18 th year as a missionary to Venezuela.) I send the teams to these tribes because I feel that it’s important to continue to disciple the believers in their Christian walk and to strengthen their faith. My Indigenous leaders always bring back good reports and testimonies after the trips to these tribes. I’ll share one of the testimonies at the end of the newsletter. 

This month I recorded radio messages and preached on the radio. I really enjoy preaching live on the radio and recording messages. I feel it is a very vital part of my ministry. It helps me get messages ready to preach at in churches and at my Bible School. Also preaching on the radio is an effective way to reach many people. Though many won’t go to church, some will believe upon hearing the gospel on the radio. This can be the start of their spiritual walk with God. Many people tell me that they like the teachings. Every day that I don’t have a preaching engagement I try to record a radio message. 

I have been preaching almost every Saturday (except the week I preached at my Bible school) at the city trash dump. We take them spiritual and physical food. Many don’t have shoes and don’t eat 3 meals a day. Though they work all day rummaging through the trash to try to find something of value, usually what they do find isn’t worth much and many go hungry. There are many children that work there every day, looking for some kind of plastic or cardboard that they can turn in to recycle. 

I haven’t been able to go to Brazil lately since I have been very busy preaching in Venezuela. There is so much need here in Venezuela. I do want to go to Brazil as soon as I get a chance though because it’s important because the gospel needs to be preached to every creature before Jesus can return. I have my 10 year visa for Brazil. I have been in contact with my friend, Renildo, who I went with to the Amazon a few months ago. He is continuing our work and is preaching among the different Indigenous tribes there. 

I would like to share a testimony with you: Yasmeidy is a 12-year-old Indian girl. She is the daughter of Jose Luis, an Indigenous pastor who works with me and always comes to my monthly Bible School. We built the church where he preaches. They live in an Indigenous community called Tukuko, which is located in the Sierra de Perija (the mountain range that divides Venezuela and Colombia). During the night, Yasmeidy had a dream- a supernatural experience- and she shared it in the following way: 

“During my dream, I heard a loud, powerful voice that said, ‘It's time, the time has come.’ After hearing that, I felt like I was being lifted, and when I looked down at myself, I saw that my clothes were a white shinning tunic. As I looked around, I saw many believers who were being raptured up. They too had on white shining garments. After that I looked down and saw those who missed the rapture and had stayed for the Great Tribulation. They were frantic. Once we finished ascending, I arrived at a place (heaven) where I had never been before. There I saw a very large house that shone brightly and the streets looked like gold. There were many flowers, from which, to my amazement, praises came out of- the flowers were singing to God! Then Jesus called my dad, and told him, ‘Come and I will show you what is happening on earth.’ Jesus then extended his hand to the right and moved it to the left as if he were opening a slide door, and something like a very large television appeared all of a sudden. There, in the vision, there was a lot of calamities and the people who were still on earth shouted desperately and begged for mercy. My dad was looking at those in the vision that were going through the Great Tribulation. Jesus knew what he was thinking, and told him, ‘Time is running out.’ After that I woke up. When I woke up I still saw the vision of heaven before me very clearly, but then, after a few seconds, everything returned to normal.” 

Well we want to say thank you to all who support and pray for our ministry. You make the work possible. 

If anyone would like to read a past newsletter or look at pictures or videos of the ministry you can do so by going to 

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James, & baby Ana 

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