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Doug Dennis Ministries February 2022 Newsletter Greetings! This past month went well like always. I have been preaching every day, and sometimes multiple times a day to the churches and through the radio stations. I really enjoy making a lot of messages, and ministering those messages- it gives me daily purpose.


In Venezuela we have been ministering to a new town called “Las Piedras.” A long time ago, we started going there to preach, but in Venezuela there was no gasoline which made it nearly impossible for those who work with me to get there. Lately, the pastor and his wife who shepherd my church,Vida Abundante in Machiques, go there and minister twice a week. It is a small town, with hardly any gospel influence there. We are trying to establish new believers and leaders. The work is going forward, little by little.


We are in the process of Installing the new radio station in Punto Fijo, Venezuela. Then next month, Lord willing, I will install another radio station for the northern part of Colombia. I already have the location in Colombia where I will put it. It is one of the highest places in the area, therefore it will be able to broadcast to all the towns in that area. The radio station that I installed in the high place at the Indian tribe, Marewa, can broadcast to all the tribes in Venezuela and most of the Colombian tribes. On their last trip to minister to the mountain Indians in the faraway tribes, my Indian workers took their solar radios, and to places that are a “5 day walk” up the mountain, they could still hear the broadcasts transmitting from the Marewa radio station. This is the only radio station that broadcasts to the Indians who live in the mountain tribes so it is a powerful tool to evangelize and disciple them.


Our ministry has a new outreach. It is a free retreat for women called “A Journey of Love and Transformation.” My mom designed the program with her teachings and art. Teaching spiritual truths through Scripture and art, our mission is “to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free.” Our vision is for women to: 1. Know they are God’s Daughter and He calls them Beautiful. 2. Know who they are In Christ and walk in that reality. 3. Live free under God’s amazing love and grace. 4. Realize, as a born-again believer, they are God’s Masterpiece, “holy, innocent and without a single fault.” After the retreat we have a program for the women to continue their journey by giving them a Bible and a book my mom wrote called, Dancing in Fields of Grace. It’s a 224- page guided journal filled with Scripture (450 Scripture references), stories, writings and art. To further disciple the ladies, we have a follow up retreat. We had this retreat in Colombia and we just had our first one in Venezuela. They went great!


I was asked by one of my leaders from an Indian tribe called Tokuko if I would have live church services at their tribe. So now, on the days that I preach live at my different churches in Venezuela and Colombia, I will also broadcast live there. There’s cell phone internet reception at that tribe if you put a TV tower up. Therefore, I will put a tower up, get them a video projector, the cell phone internet device, and a laptop. That way, when I preach live, I can preach there also. My Indian leader also thought that it would be good to have a once-a-week leadership meeting with all the Indian leaders who live in that area. So I will go live one more time a week, thus preaching 9 times a week.


Last month I was able to help a pastor who works with me in Colombia. I bought cement blocks to build walls for his church. Because it’s in a desert area where it hardly ever rains, he said that, instead of a roof, for now, they would rather have walls. Pastor Marcos said that the walls will stop the sand from blowing around all over the people and for now, (until they put the walls up) that the tarps will do fine for a roof. Later, once the walls are up, I will help them put up a metal roof.


Venezuela, other than having a lack of gasoline, has problems with their electricity. Sometimes they shut it off for hours, or multiple hours a day, and sometimes there are electric outages where it comes and goes. Those are especially bad for the radio stations, because when it turns off and on quickly, it turns back on with either too high, or too low of voltage which damages the transmitters. Since a regular voltage regulator doesn’t work because it happens many times a day, we are installing a protection in the whole radio room. Basically, it’s like a voltage protector but on an industrial scale. That way my equipment won’t be affected with their electrical problems.


I am happy to announce that I finally added Proverbs to the Indian New Testament in the Yukpa language. It took a while for Venancio to finish translating it, and then it took a while for me to format it and add it to their New Testament. I believe the book of Proverbs will give them a lot of wisdom for their lives. I am printing them out now and we will freely distribute them to the Indians.


There is a testament that an Indigenous man at a tribe called Kunana Kushpa told Venancio last month. The Indigenous man’s name is Gabriel Matrina. Gabriel said that he had a dream from God. In the dream God showed him heaven. Gabriel said the place was indescribable. He saw many mansions that were made of gold. While in heaven he saw his parents. They both died after 2002. When he saw his parents they told him, “We were saved by Jesus Christ when the gospel was preached here for the first time.” (That was when I first started to go to that tribe in 2001 with Venancio and Rafael.) They went on to say, “After hearing the gospel we accepted Christ for the forgiveness of sins, then later we died on earth and came here.”

Then Gabriel said Jesus took him to see hell. He saw his sister, Marta, and she was burning in hell. She asked for water and the demon who was there gave her a snake. Her bed was a bed of worms. Jesus spoke to her and told her that she heard the gospel but she wouldn’t repent of her sins, now she was here forever. She said “I repent now,” but Jesus said, “There is only forgiveness on earth. Once one comes here, having rejected the gospel, there is no forgiveness.”

Gabriel had accepted Christ before the dream but he was backslidden. After the dream he got his life back on track.

I will send some Indian believers to his tribe this month so that those at the tribe can make sure of their salvation and calling.


Well, thank you for your prayers and support which makes the gospel go forward in Venezuela and Colombia. In His Service, Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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