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February 2020 Newsletter

Doug Dennis Ministries 


Greetings!   I want to say thank you to all who pray and support the ministry.  Your prayers and support make a big difference in the lives of many.  January was a very productive month for all the team. This past month I was able to start a new church in Las Piedras.  So now when I preach my live videos, I am preaching at my 3 churches at the same time! On an average week I preach 10 times. On Monday through Friday I preach live on my radio station 90.5 FM in Machiques Venezuela. At the churches I preach 4 times a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)  Then I have a house meeting on Wednesday night. I also am doing an audio book of the Kenneth Hagin book The Triumphant Church in Spanish for the radio station. My wife is making the audio book (reading the book on the radio station) of How To Be Led By The Spirit of God by Kenneth Hagin. 

This month I sent out 4 teams of Indian leaders to disciple and evangelize the different tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. The picture below shows half of the food for the Indian teams. The other half was already transported by motorcycle. My Indian leaders like me to buy them canned meat because at the tribes the people there give them the staple potato-like plant that they can have with their canned food. 

In two weeks, I will have my Indian Bible School. This month instead of having the Bible school in the town, I am going to have it at the Marewa tribe. I am making specific videos for the Indians and will show the teachings at Marewa. Also, I have some of my Indian leaders preaching. With the electric problem, water problem, and everything else, for this month it will be better to have it there. They have a river and plenty open space. We will take one of the generators and a video projector to the tribe.

This past month I was able to buy necessities for our radio station in Machiques, and also for my father in-law’s radio station in La Villa, Venezuela. Their station hasn’t been on the air for a while due to equipment breaking down. With the electrical problems in Venezuela it’s hard to maintain a radio station functioning due to power outages. With the power coming and going, it tends to fluctuate in voltage and fry equipment. Actually, in the town where I have the radio station, we are the only functioning Christian radio station. Though there is another one, they rarely turn it on due to the electrical problems, and if they do turn it on, they only play music- no preaching of the Word. On our radio station we have zero commercials, music and a lot of faith-filled preaching.

Venancio has been using the chainsaw day and night fixing the far away church temples. The first one we started to fix was the Taremo tribe. It’s amazing how out of a chainsaw they can cut such perfect sized lumber. You can see the work in the enclosed photos. I watched the one video showing them cutting down the tree.  The tree fell but then it rolled all the way down the mountainside until it finally was stopped. It’s not an understatement to say it’s hard work.

All of those working with me are working full force in God’s work. My wife Veronica has been helping a lot in the ministry on the radio station, and she also preaches to the churches.  Venancio, my main Indian leader is working day and night. During the day he uses the chainsaw to build the new church building at the very far away tribe. Then at night he preaches.  I have two married Venezuelan couples- Diomedes & Madelyn and Jesus & Diana - who are in charge of the three churches. They work day and night in the Lord’s work by visiting the Christians, having church services and evangelistic meetings, and by helping on the radio station. We have seen growth every month in each of the churches. And on many of the days when I don’t preach, they have evangelistic activities. Many times, they take the video projector and generator to the streets to show Christian movies. Many people have accepted Christ during these evangelistic meetings. 

Rafael, one of my Indian leaders who has worked for me for about 18 years ministering to the mountain Indian tribes, is planning to help out at the new church in “Las Piedras” when Jesus and Diana can’t. Las Piedras is a 40-minute drive from where I have the other 2 churches and radio station in Machiques Venezuela. On the days that we don’t have church service many people who attend the church have a house meeting. The house meetings are a good way to invite new people who maybe aren’t ready to attend the church yet.  It’s also good for fellowship among the believers.

I would like to share a testimony.  The testimony took place at a tribe very high in the mountains named Putuchi (It is a far hike and is at 15,000 feet elevation.) It was told last month during an all-night church service. Venancio, my Indian leader, heard the testimony while visiting and he shared it with me. The Indian man’s name is Fredi Romero.  He is a Christian. He said that he had a vision and in the vision his spirit left his body and he was in the air with 2 angels. The angels told him they wanted to show him hell so that he would testify about it to everyone. Fredi said, “They took me to hell. I was very scared. I told them not to take me but they said it was necessary so I could tell others about the reality of hell. The angels said, ‘Don’t fear, we are with you,’ but I kept saying ‘no, no, no I don’t want to go.’ I saw the fire and it caused me to fear more. I understood the meaning of eternity at that time, and knew what one feels like with no hope upon arriving at hell. It felt like I was lost in that place forever. Once we entered into hell we went farther in where there were jail cells. Lost souls, forever lost were in the jail cells. People from every tongue and nation.  I was there in spirit but I could feel the tremendous heat; my whole body was burning up because of hell’s fire. I told the angels I couldn’t go on. They told me, ‘Be strong, because you must see these things in order to testify about these things.’ 

I saw many lost souls in hell’s jail cells.  There was an uncountable number of people there The crying and screaming were too much to bare. I was shown many areas of hell. Those who practiced certain sins were placed in specific places in hell. Example, those who were drunks were together, those who practiced homosexuality were suffering, paying the price for their sins in the area designated to them. The same with the groups that I saw. (He said he saw areas designated for drunks, murderers, thieves, those who formerly practiced homosexuality, prostitutes, those who practiced sorcery, and those who were drug addicts in the former life.) One of the angels told me before the vision ended, ‘This place is real and you are supposed to testify about this place to the world.”

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.  It makes possible all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia. God bless you

                                                                                                                                        In His Service,

                                                                                                                            Doug, Veronica, James & Ana



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