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Greetings from Venezuela!  Everything is good here. I have been preaching at various churches, preaching live on the radio and recording radio messages, and video recording preachings. In a few days I will have a two-day evangelistic Crusade and I also will have meetings with my different indigenous leaders.  I plan to add a new facet to my ministry that I have with my Indian leaders.  There are Indians who live 16+ hours walk one way to the first place where they can get transportation. A lot of these indigenous people would like to attend my monthly Bible school, but because it's so far, and there’s a need to stay in their tribe because they're busy planting and harvesting, a lot of them can't come to the Bible classes.  I believe God gave me an idea so that I can have Bible school with them where they live. I wish that I could go up there- I always liked taking the gospel to the faraway mountain Indian tribes, but because of the guerrilla rebel people I don’t go now. (At this time I’m not going to the faraway tribes where there are Colombian guerillas because there have been at least 3 kidnapping attempts on my life. The guerillas don’t bother my indigenous leaders – they just want Americans.)          

I am going to meet this week with my indigenous leaders to tell them the plan. Basically, what I am going to tell them is that I will make three groups.  Every month one group will preach at the new indigenous tribes in Colombia, another group will disciple the tribes that we already go to, and the third group will take the Bible school to the tribes. The group that takes the Bible school will first go out to all the neighboring tribes to where we're going to have the Bible school and invite the leaders and anybody who wants to go to the school. After spreading the word, they will have the bible school which will last a week.           

At the Bible school, they will watch my video recorded preachings. This way I can preach there. I've been videotaping preachings and adding the Bible verses on the video so they can see it on the screen. I think that the Indians will like watching a video of my preachings.  So on each subject I am making five 1 hour messages. We have to take advantage of the technology that we have today. Without going there I can preach at every tribe! With the Bible school at the tribes I plan to give out the book we are studying and using my different Indian leaders it will be a time of preaching, teaching and praying. In the evening they can watch a Christian movie. With the video projector that I have my leaders can take many different movies to show.  So it's the perfect combo- Bible school, preaching videos, and movies. They will especially like it where they have no electricity, which is at most of the tribes. Then the next month we will go to a different area and do the Bible school there.          

I bought a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone, that is waterproof and has a battery that lasts 100 hours and is rechargeable. That should last for the whole week of Bible school. (I bet the store wouldn't have asked me to add on a three-year warranty to the Bluetooth speaker if they knew where I'm taking it! So they say it's “waterproof- perfect for the outdoors,” well this guy’s going to be tested. )       

   I am looking forward to meeting with my indigenous leaders to see how it went on the trip I sent them to the Indian tribes in the faraway mountain tribes in Colombia.          I started preaching on a new radio station last month. It's a radio station that can be heard at most of the tribes in Venezuela. It's actually a Catholic station. It seems like Catholics and protestants don't get along well in Venezuela, but I have a friend who works there and he put me on the radio waves. So just call me father Doug.       

Well thank you for your prayers and support.  It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.  God bless you.                                                                                                                                                  



In His service,      

Doug, Veronica, James    & baby Ana 

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