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December 2019 Newsletter

Dear friend,

Greetings! This past month was very productive. I preached many times. I have a radio program from Monday through Friday on my radio station. I preach at my 2 churches in Machiques Venezuela on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This past trip to Colombia also went very well. I gave out Kenneth Hagin’s book How to be Led of the Spirit of God. I preached every day. I’m looking forward to going back. 


Currently because of the situation in Venezuela many people are selling what they have and leaving. I was able to buy some new radio equipment that has 10 times the reach of the old equipment. Now my radio station will reach a lot farther. I would like to start a new radio station in the city of Maracaibo. That way I can preach everyday in Machiques and Maracaibo - live at the same time.


 I will be having my Indian Bible School next week. That’s always a blessing. After the school I am planning to send out all 4 teams to different mountain tribes in Venezuela and Colombia to preach the gospel. Starting in January I am going to send out my main Indian leader, Venancio to the mountain tribes, not only to preach but also help to restore the old church temples and make new ones. We are also planning to go to the tribe where many people lost their homes from the flood to help build a few structures and to build the church temple that they asked for. So for this I need to get a new chainsaw. The one I have is not powerful enough, especially in the mountain jungles of Venezuela with the big trees and all. So in December I’m going to buy it. I will send another Indian leader with Venancio so that they can take turns preaching and working on constructing the churches when they are at the various mountain tribes.


 I have been able to give money to the churches that I have in Venezuela to help them with the food situation. We feed them after the service. (Most people make an equivalent of 20 cents a day working, which is about $5 a month.) I was able to buy some new video projectors for the 2 churches. The old ones will go to good use also, probably with the Indian leaders when they travel to the faraway tribes and they put my preaching videos on the projector using a generator. I am also going to buy a generator for the new church that I have. The 1st church has a generator but the new church that I started a little over a month ago doesn’t have a generator. They need a generator so they can use the projector when there is no electricity.


There is a testimony that I want to share with you. The testimony is from an Indian leader named Fredi from the tribe of Kiripomza. Fredi said that he had a dream and in the dream he saw Jesus. Jesus said, “Those who preach the gospel are sent by me; when difficulties arise only the faithful resist the tests.” Fredi saw one person from his tribe who was going through a difficult time, but who didn’t resist the test and was living his life in rebelling against God. In the dream Jesus said “Fr edi, tell him to repent because his name is written in the book of death.” Jesus said that His second coming was soon. He told Ferdi that He knows that he has been faithful to preach at his tribe of Kiripomza. He said to be sure to preach, because those who aren’t connected to the vine, and those who have never repented will be cast into the fire that never is quenched. Ferdi then was shown a nearby tribe where Jesus said, “At that tribe nobody believes the gospel and, if they don’t repent, when I come back they will stay.”


Well thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. We wish you a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year.


                                                                                                                               In His service,

                                                                                                                               Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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