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The Church in Taremo

Dear friend,

       Greetings from Venezuela!  Veronica and I are doing well; and the children, James and Ana, are fine as well. James is in kindergarten here in Venezuela and he plays soccer a few days a week after school. We have been trying to get James’ Venezuelan passport. We have his birth certificate, and soon, by faith, we will have his Venezuelan passport. Ana already has hers.

        I have been preaching more than ever. I have been preaching at many churches, on the radio, at leadership classes and at my indigenous Bible School. I have also been going to the hospital and praying for the sick.

        I have been printing many books here in Venezuela. The book binding machine has been one of the best additions to my ministry. Every book and Bible that I print is a powerful seed. I have been busy printing out the New Testament Bible in the Yupka language. I need to have them ready for December 14 when I will be giving them out to my Indian leaders who are participating in the 5-day Bible school. Last month, in November, the 5-day Bible school went very well. During the Bible School, the Indian leaders come down from their mountain tribes and stay at the school. We set up hammocks for them to sleep. We have Bible classes from morning till night. We just break for meals. I always buy a small cow so I’ll have enough food to feed all 40 leaders for the five days that they are at the school. After the five days the leaders go back to their tribes to preach what they learned. I send out others to preach and evangelize other mountain Indian tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. I send some with a generator and a projector with dvd’s of me teaching and preaching, along with different Christian movies. 

       There were a few leaders that showed up last month that had malaria. We tried to find the medicine for malaria but like many things here in Venezuela there are shortages and there was none that we could buy. Hopefully soon Venezuela will be able to import some of that medicine because a lot of people have malaria right now.


There is a testimony that I would like to share: 

Angela is the wife of pastor Fredi Mishishi. They are of the Yupka ethnic group. Fredi pastors the church near an Indian tribe called Kiripomsa. Kiripomsa is about a 10 hour walk from the Tokuko tribe where there's transportation to and from the closest Venezuelan town. Fredi and his family live with a few other famiy members in an isolated area far in the mountains. It is about an hour’s walk from Kiripomsa. Pastor Fredi goes to the Kiripomsa tribe a few days a week to hold church services.

       Angela had a word of wisdom through a dream from God about something that was going to happen the next day. In the dream she saw her husband and two young people preaching at the Kiripomsa tribe. In the dream Fredi and the 2 young men prayed for the Indian chief’s son and the Indian chief’s wife. After that Angela woke up. The next day she told her husband about the dream. That day two of my leaders- a Colombian named Diomedes who is 21 years old and another indigenous worker names Yorman 19 years old (the 2 young men in the dream) arrived at Ferdi’s hut. The pastor and his wife were very surprised, since they did not know that I had sent out my workers to stop there on their mountain trip of preaching. When the two workers arrived at Fredi’s hut in the mountains, Fredi and his wife told them the dream. The next day when they went to evangelize the Kirponsa community, the Indians were very receptive and they gathered to hear the Word. Fredi and my two leaders then prayed for the wife of the Indian chief and for her son for they both needed a healing. God healed them both just like it was shown in Angela’s dream. The Indian chief along with his family then accepted Christ as their Savior. 

       After the church service at Kiripomsa, my leaders decided to go back to where Fredi’s family lived and to have church service there also. The next day, despite being about an hour away, the Indian chief and his family went to where my leaders were staying to hear more of the Word of God. The Indian chief took with them plantains, to give my leaders as a gift to show them their gratitude. 

       Well thank you for your prayers and support. They truly make a difference here in Venezuela. We want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


                                                                                                  In His Service,

                                                                                                  Doug, Veronica, James & baby Ana

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