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Doug Dennis Ministries August 2017 Newsletter

Dear friend,  
          Greetings! My family and I just got back in the States on July 27th. While here we will be renewing James’ passport which expires this month. We will be going to Tulsa for a Mission’s Conference in August.  In September, Lord willing, I plan to go back to the different Indigenous tribes in Brazil. Then once James gets his new passport we will be leaving for Venezuela.  This past month I was busy preaching in many different places. I preached live on the radio, held my monthly Indigenous Bible School, and preached in 4 different churches.  I also prayed for the sick and preached at a hospital, had the monthly crusade, and had discipleship classes at different churches. People were saved and lives transformed.  
          The Bible school this past month was exceptionally good.  We are still on the book Plans, Purposes and Pursuits by Kenneth Hagin. There were around 35 Indian leaders who attended. Many others tried to come to the school but the rivers were high, due to so much rain making them very dangerous to cross. I also had difficulty getting to the Bible school and going back home. My problem wasn't the rivers but the rioting on the streets.  Right now is a decisive time in Venezuela. The government is trying to turn the country into a 100% communist country, and 90% of the people don't want it. They are rioting, shutting down streets, doing whatever they can to try to take the power away from the government.  When my Bible School started there were protests on the way to the school and the roads were closed.  Then after the Bible school, on the way back, there were protests again and I couldn't get through to my house. All the main roads and many of the smaller roads were blocked off and they were burning tires and breaking bottles. I had to stop at my brother-in-law's house till the protests were over.  
          This month we started constructing new church temples at some mountain Indian tribes. One of the tribes we’re making a church for I’ve talked about before- it is the Pishicacao tribe. It’s the most isolated tribe and it is the highest in the mountains. It is a very poor tribe- almost no one even has shoes, but there are many believers.  So the Indians of the tribe are cutting down trees and we are hauling in the tin for the roofs by mules.  
        This past month in all of the churches where I ministered I focused many of my messages on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I believe that I have a gift. It seems like every time I minister on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I pray for the people to be filled, everyone is. Usually 100% of the people that come up to be filled, are filled, and speak in tongues  
         In September, I am very much looking forward to my trip to Brazil. We will be going back to the three indigenous communities in the Amazon that we went to in June. The people were very receptive last time.  We are also looking for other communities in the Amazon to minister to while in that area. My heart is to take the gospel where the people have not heard about our Savior.  Like I said in my last newsletter, I'm going to buy a video projector which is rechargeable. I have a battery bank so I can recharge it while at the indigenous communities since there is no electricity.  I will buy a couple more battery banks just in case. Besides preaching I will show evangelistic movies, like The Passion of Christ. I’m looking forward to going back to the Amazon and keep planting seeds in the area.  
          I want to share a testimony told to me by Venancio Kamashire, one of my main Indian leaders. The testimony is about Angel Motoya. He is a young indigenous man who lives close to the Marewa tribe in the mountains of Venezuela. Angel left his tribe to go and work at a farm. While he was at the farm he suddenly became ill. In the beginning, he thought he would get over it, but as time progressed the disease intensified more in his body. Having intense joint pain, he went to the doctor in the closest town because every passing day he hurt more. The doctor examined him and gave him different kinds of medicine. He took the medicines but they didn’t help at all and he remained in pain. A week later he decided to go to another doctor, who sent him to get x-rays.  The x-rays showed the seriousness of his sickness. The second doctor told him to take the same kinds of medicine that the first doctor had told him.  Again, the medicine had no effect, and, being in so much pain, Angel had to stop working on the farm and he went back to his tribe. A few days after, the pain in his joints intensified to the point where he could no longer walk. Seeing him in this condition his family was very worried and they wanted to take him to the tribe’s witchdoctor.  The young man did not want to go to the witchdoctor and he asked his mother to go the pastor of the church at the nearby tribe of Marew.  This is where one of my main Indian leaders, Venancio Kamashire, pastors the church. He told his mother to go to the pastor's house to look for him but he was not at the tribe and Venancio’s family did not know when he would return. Angel’s mom told her son that the pastor was not there and Angel had his family take him to the tribe and he would wait there until Venancio returned. (At the time it happened I believe I had sent Venancio to preach to some tribes in the mountains of Colombia.) A week later Pastor Venancio returned to his tribe, and when Angel found out he sent his mom immediately to Venancio’s house. She asked Venancio to go and pray for her son, who was in pain and not able to walk. Venancio went with her to where he was staying. When Venancio saw the young man, he said Angel looked bad.  Angel told Venancio, “Pastor I need you to pray for me.” Venancio told him to have faith and that God would heal him. They prayed around 20 minutes. As they said goodbye Venancio told him to have faith that God had already healed him.  After three days Venancio saw him outside walking without pain. They were so excited about his miraculous healing!  
          I have a missionary book which talks about different miracles and testimonies that have happened at the mountain Indian tribes during my 16 years as a missionary.  The book also talks about some of the trips that I took to the faraway mountain Indian tribes. If you would like one, or know someone who would, just let me know and I will have my mom send you one. They are free.  You can write me at  
         I want to thank you so much for all of your prayers and support which makes the work possible in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. 

In His Service,  
Doug, Veronica, James, and baby Ana  

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