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Dear friend,

Greetings! This month I am looking forward to going to Colombia, as I should have my passport renewed by the middle of August. Our church in Colombia is growing. We’ve been making some nice modifications to it, including strengthening the structure of the church, and also we put a fence around it. 

Our traveling Bible School is going great. Now it is held in different Indian tribes every month so that more Indians can participate more conveniently. We get the word out through our radio broadcast and we invite all, especially those who live close by. Many come to our Bible school, which usually lasts 4 days. After the Bible School, I send out groups of my Indian leaders to evangelize and minister to different mountain Indian tribes.

Our new church in Maracaibo, where I also have the radio station is doing well. It is not just a church, it’s a “missions base” where we train leaders and indigenous people. Now when I preach, because of the video projectors and radio, I can preach and go live at my churches (2 in the town of Machiques Venezuela, 1 in the town of San Jose Venezuela, 1 in the city of Maracaibo Venezuela, and 1 in the town of Villa Rosa, Colombia) plus live at all 8 radio stations. 

 At one of my radio stations in “La Concepcion, Venezuela”, my good friend and family moved from there, therefore we moved the FM radio station to another place, a desert area named Carrasquero. Carrasquero doesn’t have hardly any FM radio stations, so that is great! We will be the only Christian station; therefore it will be a great blessing to that city area, and especially to all the believers in that area. It has many inhabitants and a pastor friend who has a church there is happily running it. He was very excited once we told him.  We have been collaborating a lot. We have the same goal- to get the Word out because Jesus is coming soon!. So I have 8 functioning FM stations, and soon we will conquer more places for the gospel. 

Last month we started scouting out different land so we can build a larger church in the Machiques area. We have outgrown our building, and feel that in order to go to the next level we should purchase land, and little by little start building a bigger church to accommodate all the new people. We have been praying about it and looking at different land offers for sale. We will start by putting down the cement floor as the base and then putting up the pillars for the roof. Once we get that done, services could be held, and we will keep on building until it’s complete. Thanks for believing and supporting this cause. We really appreciate your prayers.

This past month I was able to complete and start printing a book that I wrote in Spanish. The title is A Manual for Being Guided by God’s Spirit. It is about 150 pages and full of Scripture. I believe that the information in the book is really good, and that people’s lives will be changed when they read the book. I haven’t translated it to English yet. So now I am printing and binding the book and giving it away free.

Please pray for the two women’s retreats we will be having In Venezuela this month- “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation.” My mom is also having a women’s retreat in North Canton, Ohio on September 23rd. If you would like information about the one-day retreat, you can email her for a brochure at 

Here is a testimony that I would like to share about a young man named Luis Paishi. He is a believer from the Taremo tribe. He went out to gather some firewood and started to cut with an ax a thick big branch which was above him. While cutting, he thought he had a little more time and he didn’t realize that the branch was about to break. Catching him off guard, it suddenly broke and landed on top of his head. (Venancio showed me the picture but I didn’t think people would want to see it since it was pretty gruesome.) 

        He was unconscious for a long while and he explained that is when his spirit left his body and an angel of the Lord appeared to him. The angel said, "Son, do not fear, you will not die, but your spirit left your body for a short time. You are being granted to see the gates and entrance to heaven."  Before him were the gates of heaven. It was a bright yellow color and from the inside of heaven there was a light coming from God that made it shine. He said he could hear beautiful spiritual songs from inside, but he couldn't enter because the angel told him that he couldn't pass through that door because he wasn’t dead yet.

        Then the angel said, “Don’t fear, I will be with you, but I need you to see hell- that it is a real place that exists. That way you can testify about it.” They went down into a black tunnel, the only light was the light that emanated from the angel. Luis screamed and was terrified from what he saw. He said he could hear so many people in torment; there was such an incredible amount of dead people within hell. He asked the angel, “Please, take me from here. I don’t want to be here anymore.” The angel said, “Look into the light.” When he did, he woke up, and was covered in blood from his head wound. Even though he was dizzy, he crawled back to his hut. He rested for days and now he has fully recovered. 


Well thank you for all of your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.


                                                                                                       In His Service,

                                                                                                       Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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