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Doug Dennis Ministries


August 2022 Newsletter


     Greetings! This month I have travel plans to Colombia, where I will be preaching 3 times a day at my FM station in Colombia, and transmitting through the internet to my other 5 FM stations in Venezuela. Of course, I will be preaching at the church and at different cell meetings.


     We’re in the last days and it’s amazing how technology is capable of getting the Word of God out. The Bible says, “… and this gospel shall be preached onto all the world, then the end will come.” I believe that one of the vital ways that “this gospel will be preached in all the world,” in these last days is by internet, by radio and books. That’s why we have 6 radio stations proclaiming the gospel and why I print and give out free Bibles in the Yukpa language and other books to help the people in their walk with God. Most of the poor people in Venezuela do not have books so the books are very wanted.


     This past month I bought some land in Maracaibo to start a church and another radio station. It is in a perfect location since there are many people and apartment complexes in the area. There will be great opportunity to evangelize, convert and disciple the people in this area (there are many young people located here). Also, there are no other churches nearby so it is the perfect opportunity. Later, once we finish the church, we will start on the radio station.


     After Bible school last month, I sent out 4 teams of Indians to evangelize and disciple the mountain tribes. The Shiray Kuna tribe was very receptive to the gospel. One of my teams is headed up by Rafael and I’m having his team, instead of traveling to all the tribes in an area to preach- I want them to just stay at one tribe and preach. (They usually spend most of their 2 weeks travelling to and preaching to different tribes.) I want to laser in on the Kiripomsa tribe and the two specific tribes nearby. I plan to have my groups of Indian leaders stay in the Kiripomsa tribe area until we start seeing fruit. In other words, if Rafael leaves that tribe for a week, I will coordinate another Indian leader's stay while he is gone so they can have church service every night. Doing this, we can disciple the Kiripomsa tribe until there is fruit. Then once that tribe (or one of the other 2 nearby tribes) becomes strong and fruitful, it will become a “sending base.” Then we will do this same idea in another area.


     Taremo is a faraway Indian tribe which has had lasting fruit. It is a fairly large tribe high in the mountains. That was the first faraway tribe that I evangelized. I went there in 2002. In the beginning it seemed to be a lost cause, but after awhile they took the baton and started running. Now, almost all who live in the Taremo tribe, and almost all who live in the surrounding tribes are believers. I want to do the same at the Kiripomsa tribe, which is in a different area, but will be perfect to be a sending base. Please help us pray for this tribe- that God would produce believers.


     As you know, a new part of our ministry is having retreats for the women in Venezuela and Colombia. These free retreats, called “Dancing in Fields of Grace – A Journey of Love and Transformation,” are not just a one-day event, but rather a “Journey” where they are given a Bible, a special book, and other materials to continue an intimate walk with God. We have had four powerful retreats thus far. My mom, who designed the retreat, is having one in Hartville, Ohio on October 1, 2022. If you live in the area and would like a brochure about it, contact


     This past month I bought two brand new 1,000 w FM radio transmitters. One will be for the new radio station that I plan to start up. The other one is a replacement for one of the old transmitters that is having problems.


     I enclosed a picture of the new chainsaw that I bought so that we can have a more reliable chainsaw to make all the new churches at the faraway mountain tribes. Like I said before, it would be a shame to travel 15 hours on foot carrying the old chainsaw, gasoline, and oil lubricant only for the chainsaw not to work! Therefore we will take both.


     I have a testimony that I want to share:


   The testimony is from Timiryi who is from the community called “New Testament.” She is the wife of a man named Osbaldo, who is a leader of the Indian church. Timiryl said she was pregnant and had passed the nine-month mark. After nine months she was in a lot of pain. At these tribes, you can’t just go to the doctor as they are about a 16-hour hike just to get there. (Then once you are down the mountain and enter the tribe at the mountain’s base you would have to get a ride into town. Of course, at the hospital you would need money to pay for the exams and medicine. Most of the mountain Indians would not have any money to pay so life is different here.)


     So after 4 days of intense pain, she couldn’t take it anymore. She got very weak and lost all physical strength. She told her family that she felt she was dying, but that because she was a believer she wasn’t afraid to die. She told her family that she heard a voice saying, “Don’t be afraid, because I am with you.” She said that when she heard the voice she looked over and she saw what she thought to be an angel, but she wasn't sure if it was an angel or Jesus. She said, “When He spoke to me, that He was with me, I regained my strength. After that, I didn’t eat anything for four more days, except a few bananas and water. After 5 more days the baby was born, but dead. The voice spoke to me again (though this time I didn’t see anyone) that, ‘The children are the first to enter into the Kingdom of God.’ After that we as a church thanked God that I healed, and that the baby had gone to heaven.”


     Well, I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

In His Service,

    Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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