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Dear friend,

Praise God, the trip to Colombia last month was very effective! I preached in different cities and towns. No matter what is happening in the world, God is on the move, and His Word is getting out. In Repelon, where I have my church, I preached at the church and at some cell meetings. After that we went to Riohacha which is quite a far bus ride. There I preached at a church that had sought me out to work together with them. I met up with Diomeds, who takes care of the radio stations, and is a pastor that works with me. I also met up with my main Indian leader, Venancio. He was preaching in that area of Colombia. So it was a productive trip by the Holy Ghost!

New Radio station – I have a big testimony!

We were able to set up the new radio station this month in Maracaibo which is the 2nd largest city in Venezuela. We finished the radio station on July 9th. I bought almost everything before starting so they could finish as soon as possible. I put it at my pastor friend’s house; he lives right beside his church. My friend, Pastor Sucre, and congregation are very happy about the station. Now we can touch more people’s lives in the city. The station frequency is 91.9 FM. I am now able to go live on all 3 of my stations! What an amazing blessing, thank God! Maracaibo is the city where we have our house in Venezuela. So now, for the record, I have 3 radio stations. One station reaches millions of people in Maracaibo (there are more than 2,000,000 people living there.) I have one station in the town of Machiques, which is the closest town to the Indian tribes. This station -90.5 FM- reaches the town, and all the Indian tribes in the mountains. Also, I have another radio station -98.9 FM- in La Concepcion. La Concepcion is about one hour from Maracaibo, and about two hours from Machiques. The station in La Concepcion reaches everyone in that city and in the rural area around there. It’s amazing how far technology has come along. I preach live, daily on all 3. I usually preach live on an average of 8 times during a week. Venancio has already started preaching in the Indian language on the radio station.

This month I bought 20 solar powered radios for the far away tribes. We will hand out the radios to the Indian pastors of the tribe and then they will be able to listen to the radio station at a scheduled time when the preaching will be in their own dialect. This will be a big blessing.


Venancio told me this testimony that I would like to share. It occurred at one of the communities that we minister to with an Indian named Garcia Romero. Garcia is a believer who was very sick, no one was sure what his illness was. Many times he went to the hospital in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela to no avail. He was 32 years old. The hospitals in Maracaibo would not admit him. They said there was nothing they could do and that he would die at any minute. They brought him back to his community and he died. He died at 12 PM. His family, realizing that he was dead, all mourned, and then put a sheet over his body.

His wife left their community and went to the national guard, to see if they could help with the purchase of a casket. The national guard wrote a letter of authorization to permit them to go to a government place to get the casket. While she was doing all those errands Garcia’s mom was at the house crying. Suddenly, at 4pm Garcia came back to life, took the sheet off and sat up. It scared his mom half to death. He told her that he was hungry and asked for some food.

Garcia’s mom went outside and told all the other Indians that Garcia was now alive. Everyone was astonished and no one believed until they went in the house and saw him alive. When Garcia’s wife was walking back to their community someone told her that her husband was now alive. She didn’t know whether to believe him knowing that he died. She became ecstatic once she saw that he was alive and she hugged him.

When Garcia came back to life, he was healed. When asked the next day what happened he explained, “When I died I left my body. When I left my body I saw everyone crying, but I also saw 2 angels that were to the right of me. They told me that I wouldn’t be dead for long, but would return to my body after going to heaven. The angels showed Garcia hell (he was to testify about it.) Garcia said that he saw a glimpse into hell and saw many people burning and screaming. Then, afterwards the angels took him to heaven. They gave him some food in heaven to eat, telling him that this would heal him of his sickness. The one angel said, “No one could heal you, but God can for nothing is impossible for God. Now you are healed. You were dead but now live.” Then Garcia came back to his body. He testified about this and many Indians believed.

Well, thank you for your prayers and support! It makes all our work in Colombia and Venezuela possible.

In His Service,

Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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