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August 2018 


Dear friend,

         Greetings! I want to start my newsletter by sharing with you a testimony.  The testimony is about a Christian Indian named Oserio. He is around 60 years old. (They don’t know their exact age.) He lives high in the mountains in an Indian tribe named Ipika. Oserio told his testimony to my Indian leader who was part of one of the groups that I sent out to minister to the mountain tribes. (Each month I send out groups of my Indian leaders. I send some to the mountain tribes in Venezuela and some to the mountain tribes in Colombia. Some of the groups go to Indian tribes that we already evangelized and they go to further disciple the Christians in the tribe. I send other groups of Indian leaders to new tribes that have never heard the gospel. I have been evangelizing the mountain tribes since 2000 but there are still faraway tribes that have never heard of Jesus. And that is my heart – reaching those tribes that have never heard the gospel- telling them about Jesus and then discipling them.

         So when one of my groups came back from their trip to the mountains, they shared Oserio’s testimony:  Oserio said that after about a week of being sick he started to have sharp pains in his chest. His wife tried to persuade him to go down to a town at the bottom of the mountain to see a doctor concerning his chest pain. Oserio told his wife that they would have to wait until they harvested their corn and plantains because they didn’t have any money to get transportation once they got down from the mountain. (Once they take the long trip of walking down from the mountain there is about a 1 1/2-hour drive to get to the first town where they have a hospital.) He said they wouldn’t have money if the doctor told them to buy some medicine. He told her, “At least once we harvest we will be able to barter with the transportation truck and then once in town we’ll sell the harvest to buy whatever medicine they say I need.” After about a week of strong chest pains he got even worse. One morning Oserio said that it was so intense that he couldn’t walk, and he laid down on a large flat rock. There he fell asleep.  Oserio said in his dream he saw three large angels. They were all dressed in white and shone. All three were of different heights and the tallest one who stood in the middle had sandals on. There was a cloud all around the three angels. The one in the middle spoke to Oserio saying, “You will heal from your chest pain.” Then another said, “That is why we came, to heal you.” Oserio said that when he woke up from the dream he had no more pain in his chest or body and that he was perfectly healed! 

       This month, as usual, I am sending groups of my Indians leaders to the various tribes in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. Then after my Bible School in September I will be sending out more groups of Indian leaders to the mountain tribes. It’s with your financial support that I’m able to pay the Indian leaders wages to take these trips to evangelize and disciple the Indian tribes in the mountains. Your financial support also pays for their food and all the supplies they will need during their trip through the mountains. Besides all their food, they need hammocks to sleep on, mosquito nets, mules, medicine to bring to the faraway tribes, etc. Sometimes I pay for their family to have food if the trip is long. I want to be sure their families are taken care of while they are gone (especially with the food situation here in Venezuela. The main grocery store in the one town had no food.) The mountain trips I send my leaders on usually take about 2-3 weeks. On the average I send out 10-12 of my Indian leaders each month.

         Last month my one group of leaders went to two new tribes in the mountains of Colombia. I sent out other teams to the mountain tribes in Venezuela. I had one of my teams take the video projector and the generator to the far away tribes. The mountain tribes really enjoy the videos. My leaders show my preaching videos and Christian movies. To people who live so far away from civilization and have lived their whole lives without electricity, it is a real blessing to be able to watch movies. The video projector/generator has produced a lot of fruit.




         Last week I started to build 3 new churches at different Indian tribes. At one tribe where I go a few times a month we are building a church with a metal roof. For the Chitaki and Chaparro tribes they are putting up palm leaf roofs so we are getting the nails and wiring that is needed to put up this type of roofing. The palm leaf roofs are more work and they don’t last as long but they are cooler since they block the heat from the sun. Well thank you so much for your prayers and support which makes all the work here possible.


                                                                                                           In His Service,

                                                                        Doug, Veronica, James and little Ana

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