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 Doug Dennis Ministries

  April 2023 Newsletter


Greetings from Colombia! God is doing a mighty work here! In the evenings I preach and during the day, as I’ve told you before, I preach on my radio stations. Did I ever mention how much I enjoy preaching on the radio?😂 I sure appreciate your prayers and support.


I’m excited to tell you that we have successfully completed a water project for the Marewa tribe. We take running water for granted, but the Indians in this large community never had water at their tribe.  They had to carry two 5-gallon buckets and walk 40 minutes to get their water. And then the spring they relied on often dried up. Well, my main Indian leader, Venancio, owns a piece of land on the mountain where there is a spring that never runs dry. So we decided to construct a cement block water tank at the base of this spring. The most challenging part of the project was that the Indians who helped us do the water project had to climb high into the trees to install water hoses on a gradual decline until the hoses reached the tribe. The plan was very successful and now they have a reliable water supply with good water pressure- 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You wouldn’t believe how grateful and happy the people in the tribe were when we completed the water project.  When we have this month’s Bible School at the Marewa tribe it will be nice with the new water system. In the past, the Indians had to take turns throughout the day to get water to meet the needs of everyone at the Bible school. With the new system, water will be piped directly to the tribe.


We decided to postpone establishing the next radio station at Catatumbo for the time being. This decision was made as a better opportunity arose, allowing us to set up our new radio station on the highest peak of Venezuela.  We are building the radio station on the Sierra Nevada de Merida Mountain. Due to its extreme altitude, this station’s broadcast of the gospel will cover numerous tribes, towns, and cities even those that are hours away by car. This will be my 8th FM radio station.


Earlier this month, my friend Harvey, who owned a Christian radio station equipped with high-quality gear, was shut down by the government. He decided to sell his equipment so I bought all of his equipment, including TV towers, antennas, cables, and two transmitters.  With this new equipment, we are going to launch our ninth radio station. We do not anticipate being shut down by the government, as we strategically open stations in locations that won't attract such intervention. We have one of our radio stations in the large city of Maracaibo but we have the rest of our radio stations in smaller towns since the government usually doesn’t take actions in small towns.

We started the construction of our new church in Maracaibo, Venezuela. We started the building on March 20th.  We have a congregation that already meets, so now we are excited that we can have our own building to hold our services at!

We held another women’s retreat in Venezuela.  There were 55 women at our “Dancing in Fields of Grace- A Journey of Love and Transformation” retreat. It was a very special anointed time for the ladies.

My teams continue to travel to the remote mountain Indian tribes in Venezuela and Colombia, evangelizing the tribes and bringing them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mule, Esther😊, is loaded with Bibles in their language. They will be distributed to the mountain Indians so that they can have the Word to continue growing in their walk with God. 

I want to share a testimony with you from a man named Santiago Valvuena. He is from the Tutpa tribe. He shared about a miracle that happened with his youngest son who was nine years old and had died at the General del sur (Hospital of the south) of Maracaibo. What happened was that his son became very sick, so they left their tribe and took him to the hospital in the city.  Santiago and his wife took turns being with their son at the hospital while the other took care of their family at their mountain tribe.  During the time his son was in the hospital in critical condition, Santiago had a dream in which he saw an angel of the Lord. The angel told him that his son would be healed and live again if he prayed to God. While his child's health continued to deteriorate, Santiago couldn't stop thinking about the dream. During the next days, Santiago prayed fervently to God. While he was in the mountains, he received a message from the hospital informing him that his son had died. Santiago broke down in tears.  He couldn’t understand what was happening but, remembering his dream, he turned to prayer once more.


        As soon as he could get to the city from his tribe in the mountains, Santiago went to the hospital to get his son’s body for burial. When he got there the doctors told him that a miracle had occurred. The doctors told him that his son had died but they couldn’t explain what happened except to tell him that a miracle occurred, and his son went from dead to “fully recovered alive.”   They discharged him from the hospital the same day that he “died!” Santiago returned home to find his son with his mother, alive and well!  The miracle brought the whole family closer to God.

 Well thank you so much for your prayers and support.  It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible.

                                                                               In His Service,

                                                                              Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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