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Dear friend,

Greetings! I pray that all is well with you. Thank you for your prayers and support as they are essential in getting the gospel into many hard-to-reach places. 


I am happy to announce that we have finally finished the 5th radio station in Venezuela! This radio station is far away from the other radio stations and is in the city of Punto Fijo. All 5 stations are up and running efficiently. This last station we built from the ground up. The FM radio frequency is 92.1 FM. We had it up and running from March 15th. I love the fact that technology allows me to preach on all 5 FM radio stations and at all my churches at the same time. Technology is an important tool in getting the gospel out. I am still planning wherever possible to start the new FM radio station in Colombia.


Here are the radio stations so far:

La Sierra (Indian tribes) 94.9 FM 

Machiques 90.5 FM

Maracaibo 91.9 FM

La Concepción 98.9 FM

Punto Fijo 92.1 FM 

 The Punto Fijo station took a lot more time and more money to do, but I believe that this station is going to reach many lives and be a light unto the world. I feel that in the last days that radio and books will play a big part in evangelizing 3rd world countries. The radio stations are a great blessing to the many people in Venezuela. 


 Speaking about books (Bibles)-I finished printing the new Indian Bibles with Proverbs (that was the latest project, to translate Proverbs into the Yupka Indian language). I formatted the new Bible, made a new cover for it and added Proverbs to it. I have enclosed a photo of some of the Bibles.


The monthly Bible School classes were amazing! We had more Indian leaders attend than ever before! We even had a Christian music group go there to play the Indian’s favorite music. 

After the Bible School I sent the teams of Indians out to preach the gospel in Venezuela and Colombia. We will be going to 16 new Indian tribes in the mountains of Venezuela. 

 Last month we inaugurated the new church temple we built in the Indian tribe, Kasmera. There were about 6,000 palm leaves that were used to construct the roof. The believers all pitched in and found the 6000 palm leaves and transported them to the tribe. It was a difficult job- finding all the palms, climbing up the trees to get them, cutting them down, and then transporting them on foot through the mountains. As you could imagine it was a great work that took unity and strength. My chainsaw really made the work a lot faster. Without it, it would take many more months to finish. We also got wood and made benches to fill the sanctuary. The believers were so happy with their finished temple- they had some all-night services. I enclosed some pictures of the new temple. 


Lately at another tribe called Shirapta we are building them a church temple I already bought the tin roof. They also needed machetes, gasoline (which has been difficult to get for the last 4 years in Venezuela), and oil for the chainsaw. Once we are finished, I will show some photos of this new church temple. 

There is a testimony that I would like to share.  It’s from a Christian Indian woman named Eliana Osepreta. She lives in the Marewa tribe. She testified about a dream where she saw Jesus. She said, “I saw Jesus, but I couldn’t see His face because of the bright light that illuminated His face. Around Him there was a rainbow of many colors. I asked Him, ‘Who are you?’ He replied, ‘I AM He who has no beginning nor ending.’ Jesus said, ‘Listen to me and pay attention to what I am going to tell you. You know you are living in a world, where every day there is less time than before.’ I didn’t understand what He meant, so I asked Him, ‘What do you mean?’ Jesus said, ‘The world is at the end of time.’ I realized that Jesus was talking about what the Bible calls the last days, before Christ’s return. Jesus had a crown on His head, but because of the great light around his face I couldn’t see it well to describe what kind of crown. Then Jesus said, ‘Look at this.’ Jesus then showed me the part in the Bible where the stars fell from the heaven. They didn’t look like stars though; they looked like fire falling from the sky. I realized in the dream that Jesus is coming back soon and that we must get ready for His return.” 

Well thank you again for all your prayers and support. It makes all our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                          In His Service,

                                                          Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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