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Doug Dennis Ministries – April 2021

Greetings from Colombia! Here all is going well with the ministry. It’s my goal to be in Colombia every month. I enjoy preaching here and seeing what the Lord is doing among the people. I enjoy preaching at my church, having leadership meetings, and being able to preach in the cell meetings that I have here.   

This past month went well. Like always, I’ve been preaching all the time, at the churches, cell meetings, and on the radio stations.   

This past month I was able to surpass 1,000 live YouTube videos. I started the first church in Machiques a little over a year and a half ago (as of April 1st - 637 days ago), so out of 637 days I’ve preached over 1,000 messages, (not counting the many times I preach at different churches when not live on YouTube). That’s an average of 1.5 times a day- 7 days a week. They are preachings, not short videos, or greetings.   

With God’s help, since the time I started the first church, I added 2 other churches and 2 radio stations in Venezuela and a church in Colombia, plus many cell meetings.    

When preaching through YouTube I can preach in Venezuela and Colombia, at the churches live, and I can transmit in real-time on both radio stations. It’s amazing the technology that we have nowadays. So each of my YouTube videos transmits to many churches and radio stations.   

I go live at the radio stations every morning, (except Saturday) and live again at the churches and at the radio stations on Wednesday PM, Friday PM, and Sunday AM.   

I have the coolest news. I am now able to transmit live to the Indian tribe, Marewa, where Venancio, my main Indian, lives! Now I can restart my Bible School for the Indian leaders. So my Indian leaders from the faraway mountain tribes will come down to Marewa for three days and I will have classes for them. They bring their hammock and after staying for the three days, they go back to their mountain tribe and teach their tribe what they learned. Some of the Indian leaders not only teach their tribe but they also go to other tribes and teach. So last month we told the tribes about the classes and they all came down to Venancio’s tribe. At his tribe (but not at the far tribes) there is a weak satellite cell phone coverage. Usually the cell phone internet is too weak to send even a WhatsApp message. Well I was able to have class on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the Indian leaders through the YouTube live! I got a product that amplifies the cell phone signal. So at Venancio’s house, with this amplifier, we were able to successfully have class. We were having class in the town where I have the 2 churches and radio station, but because there is no gasoline (it’s been that way for a long time) there was no way to have class. Then Diomedes (he’s one of the pastors at the main church, and is very knowledgeable with the radio stations and technology) thought of the amplifier for the cell phone coverage. This cell phone internet works better and it’s practically free. So the Indians and myself were excited about that achievement. Now, every month we can have the Bible School! It’s a lot better at the Indian tribe than in the town. It’s so hot that it’s nice that at the tribe they have the river to bathe in.

I wanted to share a testimony with you. This testimony is about an Indian woman named Dorelis Satetachi. She is from the Marewa tribe and she told her testimony to Venancio. Dorelis says that one night she had pain in her heart area and it was hurting so much that she was crying. She cried herself to sleep. While sleeping she said she had a dream where she left her body. During the dream a bright light from above shown upon her and she could see the silhouette of 3 people with white robes. One was seated on a throne, and two were standing next to Him, one on the left and one on the right. Those who were on the right and left had wings and He who was in the middle did not. One of the angels spoke and said, “We, (to the right and left) are angels and the One in the middle is Jesus.” Dorelis said she could not see Jesus’ face due to the brightness of the light. The angel said, “We have brought you here to heal you, and for you to see what we want to reveal to you.” Dorelis said, “Then, after saying these words, the other angel touched me, and I felt relief, like when you are really thirsty and you drink cold water. All the pain left.” The angel said, “Come and see this.” All of a sudden, I saw what looked to be the gates of hell. I saw my uncle who died many years ago. He was burning and worms were eating him. The angel told me to warn my other uncle who was alive of this place, and that if he didn’t repent, he would come here also. Dorelis said that this caused her to cry. The angel said, “This is why we visited you, so that you would warn your other uncle not to come here. Not only him, but tell your whole family that they need to repent of their sins. Then Dorelis heard another voice- it was Jesus. He said, “My daughter, I save and heal. The end of all things is near. Tell my people all that you have seen and heard.” Jesus then disappeared, and only the one angel was there. He said, “It’s time that you go back.” Another light shown and the vision ended. She said her spirit returned to her body and she got up. She no longer had any pain. 

I want to thank you so much for all your prayers and support. It makes our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                                                                        In His Service,

                                                                                                        Doug, Veronica, James, & Ana 

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