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Dear friend,

         Greetings! This past month we have been working in full force. With the development of the Corona virus we were still able to preach and even have a bigger audience.  I continue to have my daily Monday-Friday hour preachings at 8 AM. I do my preachings live on my radio station Monday-Friday from 8AM till 9AM. The whole country of Venezuela is in quarantine and no one is allowed to go to church. Because of that a greater audience is attending the “church services” live on the radio. I have church services Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:15 PM. They usually ration electricity after 6:00 so that’s why I must have the services early.  

         The radio has been a big blessing in these times because most people in the Machiques town don’t have access to internet, and if they do, they are very limited to the speed and the amount they can use. Most people have radios though so they congregate through the radio during this time. I also have prayer sessions through the radio station. People send in their prayer requests via text message and we pray live.  

         Another way we branched out is that now the new video projector has arrived, we have been holding all night church services on the weekends with the Indians. In the photos on the back you can see the Indians getting together for the all-night church services. Among other things, they play the preaching video that I make for them. (Today I made and sent a new one). The Indians aren’t in quarantine as they live so far away from everyone. Today for example I made the preaching for tonight, had someone download it, and my Indian leader Venancio will pick it up and take it to the tribe. (If you want you can see my channel. If you hit subscribe you will see that basically every day, I go live two times a day with the radio preachings and the church services. Just look up Doug Dennis on Youtube, and you will see all the videos. Lately because there haven’t been any church services at the building, I don’t change the backgrounds with the pictures and Bible verses, as the people can’t see- only hear on the radio. Once we are  able to be back in the church buildings, I will add all the background verses and photos.  


 There is a testimony I would like to share. My main Indian leader Venancio shared it with me. It happened at his tribe of Marewa.  Here’s what Venancio said:

“An Indian woman named Yaquelin told me, ‘Venancio I want you to pray for my daughter. She has a fever, is vomiting and I think she also has pneumonia.’ So I told her that we were getting ready for church service and to bring her daughter to church service and there we would all pray for her. The Indians arrived for service but when Yaquelin went to leave her house for church service it started to rain. She lives right beside the church temple. She said that she heard the believers praying in the service and she (though at that time she wasn’t a Christian) joined them in prayer. We had service till late, around 11 pm.  

         The next day she told me a testimony about what happened.  That night when she fell asleep, she had a dream where she heard a voice that said. ‘Woman don’t cry, I have come to heal your daughter.’  He then repeated the same thing. She woke up and looked at the clock and it was 1 AM. She thought that I and other believers had come after service to pray for her daughter since sometimes we have all night services.  

         Yaquelin then heard a voice say, ‘Get up, I healed your daughter. She is healthy now.’ She got up and looked around. That is when she saw a bright light shining inside the room of her daughter. She then went inside her daughter’s room and there was a white light that was too bright to look at. The light then disappeared. She went over and checked her daughter and she was perfectly healed-the fever and pneumonia left. Yaquelin started to cry when she realized what God had done. The next day she accepted Christ in her heart, and started to attend the church services. She testified this testimony to the believers at the service.”  




Well thank you for all your prayers and support. It makes all of our work in Venezuela and Colombia possible. God bless you.

                                                                  In His Service,

                                                                  Doug, Veronica, James & Ana

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