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April 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from Venezuela! I am currently preaching at my bible school with the Indian leaders. I had to write this newsletter a few days early since I don’t have an internet connection here. I preached at the monthly crusade a few days ago. All went well. I will give an update in the next newsletter. I also have been preaching on the radio and at different churches. 

The generator has finally arrived. I picked it up a few days ago. With this generator, we will be able to preach the gospel, have the 

bible school, and show Christian movies at the far away tribes where they don’t have electricity. We already started this method of preaching and teaching at some tribes closer to town that do have electricity and it was very successful. Now with the generator I am looking forward to taking my “teaching and preaching” video program to the faraway mountain tribes where there is no electricity. I believe there will be lasting fruit from this. I finished making 5 - 1 hour videos on the subject of “Being led by the Spirit” that will be used in the Indigenous bible school. I still have more videos to make before I move on to a new subject. 

We finished another water project in a faraway mountain tribe. They are very grateful that they now have uncontaminated water in their tribe and they don’t have to walk over a mile every day to get it. 

Every month I will be sending out a team to bring my “video bible school” program to the faraway tribes. I will also send out other teams that will be preaching to the mountain tribes in Venezuela and in Colombia. We are reaching out to tribes that have never heard the gospel. 

I want to share a testimony that an Indigenous woman told one of my Indian leaders. She lives in the Tokuko tribe in the mountains of Venezuela. She tells how one of her daughters became ill, and as the days went by, the disease became more apparent in her child’s body. The mother had given her daughter some different kinds of medicine, but the disease was to such an extent that one day the girl fell as if dead. The desperate mother cried out to God to help her daughter. The mother said that after crying out to God 

she had a vision which she narrated in the following way: “Suddenly I had a dream. I felt very strange. A few seconds later I felt as if someone had taken me to another place. In that place I looked and I saw someone who had a white robe and his face was so very bright that I could not look at Him. I felt in my heart that He was Jesus. He told me that my daughter would not die but would live. A few seconds after He told me that, my daughter reacted and I saw that she had a changed expression on her face. Jesus had healed her! In the past I had heard that I should accept Jesus in my heart. I always ignored it until the day that I had this experience that changed my life and that of my family. Today, I can testify that Jesus is the One and only Savior - my Savior- and that there is nothing impossible for Him!” 

Well thanks for your prayers and support which are making an eternal difference in the lives of many people. 

In His service, 

Doug, Veronica, James and baby Ana

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