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Shortly after graduating from Rhema Bible College, Doug Dennis began ministering in Venezuela. He married his wife, Veronica, a pastor’s daughter from Venezuela in 2005. After her graduation from medical school in 2010, Veronica joined Doug on the long mountain trek

Doug has been preaching to the Indian tribes since his arrival in Venezuela. When Doug began making his trips in 2001, most of these remote mountain Indian tribes had never heard the gospel before. Returning to the same tribes year after year, Doug has seen hundreds of conversions and whole villages turn to Christ.
Over the years, many have become strong Christians and have joined him as he presses further on into the mountains to reach another tribe. Each month, he sends out his team of Indian leaders to the different tribes in Venezuela and Colombia. Doug is duplicating himself in the Indians who now go out with him. “It’s amazing to see the transformation that has taken place in the lives of many Indians in the past years. God has shown Himself powerfully over the years with signs and wonders confirming His word.”
In addition to the 35 tribes that Doug now returns to, and disciples, there are many Indians that live alone in the Jungle Mountains. These Indians don’t make the long trip into the towns or even go visit other Indian tribes. They live a very isolated life. Doug says “Even though it is a great distance I must travel by foot to reach just one, I know that it is worth it.”​
​In addition, Doug is also on the local radio stations. Sometimes he preaches live, sometimes records mp3 preachings to place on the stations, currently he is on 6 stations every week, some everyday. He records preaching videos also, preaches at churches, has a bible school with the Indians and is now traveling to Brazil to the Amazon tribes. 
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